Cribl. Supercharge Your
Ingestion Pipeline.

With extensive experience building and deploying log analytics and observability solutions for the world’s largest organizations, Cribl provides unprecedented control over log ingestion.

Whether it’s data Routing, Security, Enrichment or Transformation, Cribl provides fundamentally new capabilities for your log data and metrics in motion. By moving this intelligence to the processing layer, Cribl enables powerful new use cases that were never before affordable or possible.

Our Mission

Unlock the value of all machine data.

Observability Requires a New Approach.

The team at Cribl knows first-hand the struggles end users experience purchasing and managing analytics systems at scale. Cribl believes spending millions of dollars to simply type “ERROR” into a query bar isn’t observability.



Former IT Practitioner, Product Management leader: Platform, IT Operations, Splunk


Former Lead Architect: Splunk Cloud & Splunk Analytics for Hadoop


Former Post-sales & Business Development Tech Lead at Splunk