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The Cribl blog covers Observability, Big Data Analytics, Data Streams Processing... and anything else we feel like writing about!

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Global Keyword Search CLUI

Łukasz Wilk Jun 23, 2021

Internal Express.js requests powering CLUI

Global Keyword Search (aka CLUI) was introduced in LogStream 2.4.0. This feature enables the user to press Ctrl+K (all platforms) or Cmd+K (MacOS) and search across LogStream objects by keyword. This article describes how we built it and the engineering choices we made.

Gonzalo Romano Jun 10, 2021

LogStream: Automated Upgrades for Distributed Deployments

On distributed LogStream deployments that can span hundreds of nodes, it becomes a critical feature to be able to upgrade all the nodes to the latest version in an automated fashion – without having to upgrade each node one by one, or leverage bash scripts to automate the upgrades. Here, we discuss how we leveraged our internal jobs framework to automate worker node upgrades.

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Clint Sharp Jun 2, 2021

Cribl.Cloud – Observability meets Simplicity

Since the inception of Cribl LogStream, we’ve had a freely accessible product. LogStream has always been available as a download or a Docker container. Since we launched version 2.0, I’ve often said LogStream is the easiest distributed system to setup I’ve ever encountered. Set up a leader node , set up one or more worker nodes, point them at the leader, and you’re good to go. If you’re running Kubernetes, we provide easy-to-use Helm charts for getting up and running quickly.

Nick Tankersley May 18, 2021

Introducing LogStream 3.0 and LogStream Cloud

Today we launched two major additions to the LogStream product world. LogStream 3.0.0, which will help novice to experienced users find value with LogStream even faster; and LogStream Cloud, our new LogStream as a Service which provides all the power and usability of LogStream with the convenience of a cloud service.

Nick Tankersley Apr 21, 2021

2.4.4 – 2.4.5 Releases

In the last 3 months since joining Cribl I have seen more code written, features built and verified with customers, and releases with truly valuable improvements than during any similar 3 month period at any point in my career as a Product Manager. One of the reasons I am so fortunate to be a part […]

Abby Strong Apr 13, 2021

LogStream ROI Calculator Unlocks True Value

If you’re trying to reduce the cost of analyzing observability data, the Cribl® LogStream™ Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator shows how much you can save on infrastructure and compute costs.

Clint Sharp Apr 1, 2021

Introducing AppScope: Easy Black Box Instrumentation for Everything

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a funny joke or some form of satirical product announcement. No jokes here. We are excited to announce Cribl AppScope, a new open source black-box instrumentation technology which enables ubiquitous observability.

Donn Rochette Apr 1, 2021

AppScope: Interposition Mechanisms

This article is an overview of interposition mechanisms used to build AppScope - it will be of particular interest to developers who love to maximize their apps' performance. 

Bryan Turiff Jan 12, 2021

Announcing LogStream 2.4

We are proud to announce the general availability of LogStream 2.4. LogStream has always given you more control over your data. With RBAC, you're now empowered to delegate that control to others on your team or other teams. LogStream 2.4 gives you more control over your data, more ways to shape it, more data sources, and more destinations for your data.  In short, LogStream 2.4 is even more qualified to power enterprises’ efforts to create and optimize a pipeline for observability and security data.

Ledion Bitincka Dec 23, 2020

Cribl Engineering Manifesto

As 2020 comes to a close, I have spent some time reflecting on some of our engineering achievements and, more importantly, lessons of the past few years. I am documenting them openly as much for our current Criblanians but also for those who are considering joining us. 

LogStream Sandbox

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