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Living the Stream

The Cribl blog covers Observability, Big Data Analytics, Data Streams Processing... and anything else we feel like writing about!

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Evangelist and Problem Solver

Ed Bailey Jun 15, 2021

Introducing Cribl Developer Evangelist Ed Bailey

Greetings! I am thrilled to join Cribl as a Senior Developer Evangelist. I am excited to help users explore the power of Cribl LogStream and AppScope to empower engineers to solve hard problems fast.

rachel "pie" perkins Jun 4, 2021

OH: OverHerd, Episode 1

Welcome to OverHerd, a blog series chronicling the amusements (and occasional deep thoughts hidden within) of the Cribl Community Slack. Our Community Slack is usually hopping with questions, answers, and discussion, but there’s a lot of ridiculousness in the mix, and we like it that way :) 

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Clint Sharp Jun 2, 2021

Cribl.Cloud – Observability meets Simplicity

Since the inception of Cribl LogStream, we’ve had a freely accessible product. LogStream has always been available as a download or a Docker container. Since we launched version 2.0, I’ve often said LogStream is the easiest distributed system to setup I’ve ever encountered. Set up a leader node , set up one or more worker nodes, point them at the leader, and you’re good to go. If you’re running Kubernetes, we provide easy-to-use Helm charts for getting up and running quickly.

Abby Strong May 10, 2021

Living the (Remote) Stream Life

When I first joined Cribl late last summer, I remember hearing about how it was a remote-first company and thinking to myself, “Well that sounds nice.” 20 years into a career in tech, I am used to working from a combination of formal offices, airplanes, and hotel rooms, and of course had just spent the first half of the year working remotely like the rest of the world.

Steve Litras Dec 10, 2020

LogStream Master Helm Chart Available

Cribl continues to expand our functionality for Kubernetes. Next up is the availability of a Helm chart to install and configure a Cribl LogStream master instance on a Kubernetes cluster, and I’m happy to announce that that is available now in our helm-charts repository. 

rachel "pie" perkins Sep 22, 2020

Why I’m Signing Up For More

  When I took a contract to deliver case studies for Cribl earlier this summer, I wasn’t looking for longer-term employment. I knew the LogStream product was well-liked, and I always enjoy the process of interviewing customers, pulling on the threads of the discussion to uncover a compelling story about their experiences – so a […]

Steve Litras Jun 5, 2020

The Unintentional March to Chaos…

No company starts out with the idea that their systems should be complex to the point of data chaos. It happens organically, through a series of legitimate decisions. Take, for example, a fictional company, “Acme Corp.” Acme is a company that makes everything and has an operations team that desperately needed a log management system, […]

Dritan Bitincka Jun 1, 2020

Integrating Cribl LogStream with Azure Sentinel; A Practical Walkthrough

A number of customers have asked us lately whether they can use Cribl LogStream to send data to Azure Sentinel –  and the answer is a resounding “Yes, of course!”. Let’s take a look. Sentinel is Azure’s cloud-native SIEM & SOAR platform that provides users a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, […]

Clint Sharp May 29, 2020

Why Log Systems Require So Much Infrastructure

TL;DR Log systems are optimized for fast retrieval by indexing all of the data, but that performance comes at the expense of increased storage volume and CPU consumption. I discuss why log systems require so much infrastructure and suggest some approaches for building cost effective log data management. Overview Log systems like Splunk or ElasticSearch, […]

LogStream Sandbox

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