Celebrate We Will!! Cribl Turns 5 With 300 Employees!!

Abby Strong
Written by Abby Strong

March 28, 2022

Today, Cribl is celebrating two significant milestones that are incredibly special to our founders and the entire company. Yesterday, Cribl celebrated its fifth anniversary, a day also shared with Clint’s son’s birthday. While we’re sure there was much celebrating (and cake!), it really earmarked the day our founders decided that building innovative software to help solve technology professionals’ most pressing problems was only going to happen if they were driving it. And so, they banded together to found this company with a unified mission: unlock the value of ALL observability data.

Turns out founding a company is hard, yo. You may have noticed above that we didn’t mention founding “Cribl”. Cribl wasn’t the first name of this rocketship. When the team first got together, they first focused on a problem they’d all experienced throughout their careers: collecting and synthesizing diagnostic data to reduce troubleshooting time. But, as does sometimes happen, while the product was great, the customer pull simply wasn’t there. Typical startup story – great idea, possibly wrong time or market pickup. But never fear! This team made a pivot to focus on another problem they’d seen over and over again with no clear answer: how to collect, process, and route telemetry data to any destination.

There are a lot of products on the market that allow folks to route data from one place to another, but frustratingly few that specialize in logs, metrics, and traces, and even fewer still that do that as supported enterprise software. But there’s only one that does it without an opinion on where you send it, how you send it, or where you want to store it. Ultimately, unlocking the value of all observability data requires that customers dictate the value of that data, and for 5 years now, Cribl has focused on our core value of Customers First, Always, meeting customers where they are at and supporting all their existing choices. So instead of forcing customers to play by our rules, we designed products and solutions that were focused on solving customer problems first, and everything else was secondary. And that, my friends, is the magic of Cribl and why we’re celebrating 5 years as one of the top 1% of startups in the world with over $250M in funding to help us continue this amazing journey.

Cribl’s Values

We live the company by five central values that we judge every decision by:

  1. Customers First, Always: First, we help customers. Then everything else.
  2. Irreverent, but Serious: We are a serious company with a love for goats and jokes.
  3. Curious: We seek to understand problems and the people who have them before taking action.
  4. Transparent: Trust is earned when everyone is on the same page.
  5. Together: We are collaborative. We are kind. We are open.

These values have been critical to preserving the culture at Cribl. Living by these values is the north star that we focus on daily. Everyone in the company focuses on customers, and it’s essential to make decisions in our customers’ best interest. When you focus on customers, great results follow.

Cribl Today

Today, Cribl’s 300th employee is beginning their first day at the company. Even before COVID-19 began, Cribl was a remote-first company. We’re headquartered in San Francisco, but we believe great work can happen anywhere, and no one should be tied to a physical location. As we seek to become a generational company, we know that it’s the people at Cribl who make a difference for the company and our customers. So during our hiring process, we look for passionate team members who can get things done, put others first, and do what it takes to solve problems for our customers. It’s a simple formula that has served us well thus far.

Passion isn’t the only thing we look for in new hires. We believe diversity drives innovation, enables better decisions to support our customers, and inspires change. Cribl comprises people who look different, have different values, and believe different things. We’re building a culture where differences are valued and welcomed. We work together to bring out the best in each other and support each other.

As our team is celebrating the launch of Cribl Edge, the newest upgrades to Cribl Stream, continued enhancements to Cribl.Cloud, and AppScope reaching its 1.0 milestone. We have a lot more in the works, and we’re still hiring across all departments. However, we have a simple purpose at Cribl:

To create breakthrough enterprise software solutions that take tech professionals from “this sucks” to “fuck yeah!”

Yeah, we said it. So let’s get to work. If Cribl sounds like a place you’d like to join, let’s get started.

Questions about our technology? We’d love to chat with you.