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Ed Bailey
Written by Ed Bailey

October 19, 2021

Cribl has added a new way to deploy and manage LogStream in the cloud with Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise, giving admins even better options to lower management overhead and improve ease of use. With LogStream Cloud Enterprise, the cloud LogStream leader node is now fully hybrid capable. This separates the data plane from the control plane and provides top-notch high availability (HA) architecture. This new architecture enables you to securely manage LogStream workers on-premises and in the cloud from one easy-to-use console.

Highlights of New Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise Leader Architecture

  1. Flexibility to manage LogStream workers in the cloud or on-premises.
  2. High-quality HA in the cloud so your leader is never down
  3. Easy install hybrid worker package that is configured and downloadable from the cloud leader.
  4. Hybrid workers can be installed on-prem or in your cloud environment.
  5. Self-managed workers can be automatically updated when the cloud leader is updated or updated on a schedule to lower admin costs
  6. Hybrid worker to worker data exchange will only be billed once to provide more options for data routing without increasing costs

Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise gives you flexible hybrid worker management and leader HA.

Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise vs Cribl LogStream Cloud Standard

Cribl offers 2 options for LogSteam Cloud:

LogStream Cloud Standard offers a leader and Cribl managed workers only in the LogStream Cloud environment. This is a great way to interface with Cloud SaaS options such as Cloudflare or Proofpoint and then ship that data back to your enterprise be it Splunk or Elastic. It does not offer you control over hybrid workers in your on-prem or cloud enterprise. Your span of control is limited to Cribl LogSteam Cloud-managed workers only.

LogStream Cloud Enterprise offers you the features of Standard and includes the ability to manage workers anywhere they can be installed, including your on-prem data centers and cloud properties. You can fully control your data, managing your enterprise data plane from one easy-to-use console. You can also combine workflows across the enterprise, like interfacing with a cloud SaaS platform like Cloudflare. With a few minutes of work, you can quickly route data to your SRE team’s Elastic instance in AWS and then clone the data flow, giving you the ability to send the same data to your enterprise SIEM platform on-premises. Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise helps you tackle complex use cases fast.

Cribl LogStream Cloud Data Flow Options

Bottom Line

With the release of LogStream Cloud Enterprise, Cribl brings hybrid worker management and high-quality HA to LogStream Cloud. Enterprises get more options to manage their data plane with the visibility, flexibility, and control they have come to expect from Cribl LogStream.

Try Cribl’s free, hosted LogStream Sandbox. I’d love to hear your feedback; after you run through the LogStream Sandbox, connect with me on LinkedIn, or join our community Slack and let’s talk about your experience!

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