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Ed Bailey Sep 14, 2022

How Cribl Stream Helps Enterprises Handle UDP Syslog Challenges

Syslog is a very common method for transmitting data from network devices and open systems servers data to analytics platforms like Elastic and Splunk. As adaptable as syslog is, it still has significant constraints, which is a pain for most companies that lack the resources to scale their capability needed for syslog. Cribl Stream is […]

Cribl User Group

Tony Reinke Sep 13, 2022

Cribl User Group Recap: New Integrations, Cribl Edge, and More

The Cribl Global User Group recently hosted Nick Tankersley, Ryan Conway, and Clint Sharp to share their knowledge with us for the meeting that took place on August 9th, 2022. Nick, Cribl Head of Product Management, showed the group Cribl Leader HA Architecture and talked about Edge on Windows. Ryan, Cribl Product Manager for Integrations, […]

Scaling Syslog

Ed Bailey Sep 13, 2022

Scaling Syslog: The Challenge That Never Goes Away

At this point, you already know how powerful syslog is (and if you don’t, check out “Introduction to Syslog”). But here’s the thing: Scaling your systems to consume high volume syslog is like fighting zombies. Weird unexpected behavior and no easy solutions. Before you fight zombies, though, you have to understand them. So, here are […]


Ed Bailey Sep 12, 2022

A Introduction to Syslog

Syslog is an event logging standard that lets almost any device or application send data about status, events, diagnostics, and more. It’s commonly used by network and storage devices to ship observability data to analytics platforms and SIEMs in order to support and secure the enterprise. Syslog is an excellent lightweight protocol to get telemetry […]


Bradley Chambers Sep 9, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 55: The State of Cybersecurity in 2022

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, I talk with Jackie McGuire about the state of cybersecurity, her path to the security industry, and why security has been a problem since the dawn of the internet. The Creeper Virus If you want to get every episode of the Stream Life podcast automatically, you can subscribe […]

Oklahoma IT Symposium

Nick Heudecker Sep 8, 2022

Goats on the Road: Oklahoma IT Symposium

On August 25th, several hundred IT and security leaders gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the state’s premier IT event, and I was fortunate to present to the audience. I talked about scaling security and operations teams, the second most common question I get from CIOs and CISOs. (If you’re wondering, the most common question I […]

Overloading indexers

Jaimie Bougie Sep 8, 2022

Stop Overloading Your Indexers – Use Lookups Instead!

After writing this post, Jaimie passed away. This blog is a perfect example of the helpfulness and joy she brought to all of the customers she worked with. If you find this content beneficial, consider donating to an organization Jaimie was passionate about: Pug Rescue of Austin. To keep Splunk running like a well-oiled machine, […]


Nick Heudecker Sep 7, 2022

Three New Standards Compound Security Engineering Challenges

A recent ESG/ISSA survey highlighted that security professionals are overwhelmed with competing proprietary data standards and integration challenges. Today’s security landscape often comprises dozens of tools, each with its own unique format. Even if the format is defined and widely adopted, like Syslog, implementations vary widely from tool to tool, or even from release to […]

Building for the Future observability

Perry Correll Sep 6, 2022

Get the Most Value from Your Observability Investment by Building for the Future

Technically speaking, observability offers visibility into the data being generated by your infrastructure devices, systems, and applications — but in reality, it offers the opportunity to see what’s happening, There’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you want; you have to set things up in a way that makes it possible for you to get […]

The Challenge with Security and Observability Data

Bradley Chambers Sep 2, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 55: The Challenge with Security Data

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, I talk with Kevin Morris about the challenges organizations face with security data in today’s rapidly changing environment. xkcd 927: Standards Security Teams Are Struggling, and Cribl Is Here to Help EBook: Security and ITOps: Better Together Whitepaper: A Security Engineer’s Nightmare Supercharge your Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response […]

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