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Clint Sharp Sep 17, 2020

Data Collection – Listening To Our Customers

From the very start, the Cribl founding team came in with some strong assumptions, which you can even see baked into the name of our first product: LogStream. The founders have been in the logging ecosystem for 30+ combined years, having worked as customers and with customers. We knew organizations wanted to work with log […]

Bryan Turiff Sep 16, 2020

Announcing Cribl LogStream 2.3: Scheduled Data Collection and Collections from REST APIs

System admins have the unenviable task of getting API data into logging tools for analysis. They employ a wide range of tactics to do this –homespun Python scripts, hand-coded batch jobs, and bespoke vendor protocols.   We’ve heard about this challenge from many customers, which is why we’ve expanded our Data Collection feature in Cribl LogStream.  […]

L Tang Sep 2, 2020

Backpressure Behavior in Cribl LogStream

In this quick dive into backpressure topics in Cribl LogStream, we will also touch upon persistent queueing, how Cribl LogStream sends information out to destinations when backpressure options are selected, and how to approach troubleshooting systems with non-responsive destinations.  Sizing is an art and a science, born of expectations from back-of-napkin math, and refined through […]

Steve Litras Sep 2, 2020

Logging in a Multi-Account AWS Environment

You Kids! Get Off My Lawn! At the risk of sounding all “back in my day,” I’ve been working with AWS services since probably about 2009, at first in testing and development, and later in many production environments. Back then, AWS recommended that companies should use multiple accounts for their environments, but the only real […]

Bryan Turiff Aug 25, 2020

A Supercharger for Log Data

I have always been fascinated by new technology and none more so than electric cars. The idea of never going to a gas station again seemed like a dream.  I thought it would be great to own a car that was nearly maintenance free. The environmental advantages of an electric car also intrigued me. I’m […]

Ron Favali Aug 11, 2020

Flatten the Curve on Logs: The Top Five Log Processing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is the log data you’re receiving from agents like Splunk and Elastic Beats generating enough value? If you’re like most, the answer is probably no.  With existing machine data analytics tools, IT teams don’t have too many choices other than to index and store all log files for analysis if and when a problem occurs. […]

Steve Litras Aug 6, 2020

Streamlining Your Breach Investigation

I’ll admit it: I’ve been fixated on data collection since we came out with LogStream 2.2. Though I’ve already talked a bit about using data collection for security investigations in my Data Collection for Security Investigations post, I wanted to expand on that a bit. At Cribl, we believe that storing data in cheap storage, […]

Dritan Bitincka Jul 27, 2020

Integrating Cribl LogStream and Zoom in Minutes

Video conferencing usage, especially on Zoom, has exploded in the last few months, and companies small and large are using it extensively to enable and connect their now mostly-remote employees. And, as with any other critical technology, especially when interconnecting infrastructure, it’s important that administrators get real-time visibility and insights into it, such as:  Average […]

Steve Litras Jul 23, 2020

Prepping your Data for Data Collection

With the advent of data collection, new logging data workflows become possible. If your retention requirements are served by archiving data off to a cheap storage mechanism like S3 or Glacier, you can drastically reduce what’s in your logstore to just what you need for normal troubleshooting, or even only metrics, using data collection to […]

Steve Litras Jul 14, 2020

Working with Data in LogStream 2.2

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re really excited about the 2.2 release of LogStream. In previous posts, I’ve covered the Data Collection Feature, and the improvements in manageability that come with 2.2. In this post, I’m going to cover the improvements we’ve made when it comes to working with data in the product. Preprocessing Data […]

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