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Dritan Bitincka Apr 7, 2021

Scalable Data Collection from Azure Blob Storage

Data collection from Amazon S3, first introduced in Cribl LogStream 2.0, has been an overnight success with most of our AWS customers. In 2.4.4 we’ve added a similar capability to read data at scale from Azure Blob Storage, where a lot of other customers store massive amounts of observability data; logs, metrics, events, etc. In this post, we’ll take a look at how it works, and how to configure it.

Donn Rochette Apr 6, 2021

AppScope: Postgres SQL Observability

Postgres, like many database applications, has a robust dynamic trace capability. Combined with a highly configurable log facility, it’s quite possible to track database activity. But as with most attempts at observability, it isn’t quite that simple. AppScope has the ability to track all SQL activity associated with a Postgres service.

Abby Strong Apr 5, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 010 – The Future of LogStream

In this episode, Abby introduces our new Head of Product for LogStream, Nick Tankersley and the two discuss what’s ahead for LogStream futures. Including an exciting new application we are working on that will allow users to customize and enhance their LogStream environments. What You’ll Learn Why LogStream is doing something new in the observability […]

Clint Sharp Apr 1, 2021

Introducing AppScope: Easy Black Box Instrumentation for Everything

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a funny joke or some form of satirical product announcement. No jokes here. We are excited to announce Cribl AppScope, a new open source black-box instrumentation technology which enables ubiquitous observability.

Ledion Bitincka Apr 1, 2021

How AppScope helped resolve a DNS problem

This is a short blog post about how we used AppScope to identify and resolve a DNS-related problem reported by one of our customers … and it is a fact that it’s always a DNS problem, except when it isn’t :).

Donn Rochette Apr 1, 2021

AppScope: Analyzing gRPC and Protobuf

Previous experience with Protobuf was just painful, to be honest. How complicated is this? Worth doing? All of which caused me to think about how to analyze gRPC. Since AppScope extracts payloads from network activity, could we see gRPC and Protobuf details?

Donn Rochette Apr 1, 2021

AppScope: Interposition Mechanisms

This article is an overview of interposition mechanisms used to build AppScope - it will be of particular interest to developers who love to maximize their apps' performance. 

Donn Rochette Apr 1, 2021

AppScope Design

AppScope is an application-centric instrumentation and data collection mechanism. With one instrumentation approach for all runtimes, AppScope offers ubiquitous, unified instrumentation of any unmodified Linux executable. It's equally useful for single-user troubleshooting or monitoring distributed deployments. So how does it work?

Nick Heudecker Mar 25, 2021

Rethinking the Single Source of Truth for Observability

To deal with this tool sprawl, many enterprises chase after a “single pane of glass” strategy, where a single tool offers all the capabilities various teams need. According to 451 Research, 83% of enterprise companies prefer buying as many monitoring tools as possible from a single vendor. While this sounds like a great strategy, there are several reasons why a single-vendor strategy doesn’t work.

Steve Litras Mar 24, 2021

Enrichment at Scale!

"Unfortunately, if the data you want to use is of any considerable size, CSV files hit their limitations pretty quickly. Performance suffers, and pretty soon you're avoiding enrichment, because the benefit no longer outweighs the self-flagellation. So imagine my glee when I found out that the Redis function made it into the LogStream 2.4 release."

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