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The Cribl blog covers Observability, Big Data Analytics, Data Streams Processing... and anything else we feel like writing about!

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Abby Strong Jun 21, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 014 – Instrument More and Spend Less

In this episode, we are listening to Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey as they discuss steps on the road to efficient, detailed instrumentation. Instrument More… all scenarios for all points of view can’t be predicted. Being able to instrument everything all the time is the key to having the flexibility and simplicity to service every business need. […]

Ann Heaps Jun 18, 2021

Why we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion is good for Cribl and our customers

Cribl was born of an age where diversity and inclusion were top of mind for our founders from the beginning. From the onboarding of our first employees, we wanted diversity, equity, and inclusion to be one of the essential values in our culture. We believe that this helps drive innovation, and that’s ultimately good for our customers. This aligns with our core value of customers first, always. 

Harry Gardner Jun 17, 2021

Securing LogStream with HashiCorp Vault

Key Management System (KMS) support was added in LogStream 3.0. In this version, integration with HashiCorp Vault was added, along with the default local filesystem KMS option. This integration allows customers to offload management of secrets used by Cribl LogStream to an external KMS provider   The KMS feature can be used to improve the security posture of your LogStream deployment.

Evangelist and Problem Solver

Ed Bailey Jun 15, 2021

Introducing Cribl Developer Evangelist Ed Bailey

Greetings! I am thrilled to join Cribl as a Senior Developer Evangelist. I am excited to help users explore the power of Cribl LogStream and AppScope to empower engineers to solve hard problems fast.

Gonzalo Romano Jun 10, 2021

LogStream: Automated Upgrades for Distributed Deployments

On distributed LogStream deployments that can span hundreds of nodes, it becomes a critical feature to be able to upgrade all the nodes to the latest version in an automated fashion – without having to upgrade each node one by one, or leverage bash scripts to automate the upgrades. Here, we discuss how we leveraged our internal jobs framework to automate worker node upgrades.

Abby Strong Jun 7, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 013 – Why working at Cribl is AMAZEBALLS

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, we are excited to welcome our most fabulous Criblanians, Farrah Bui, our Chief of Staff and Head of Ops, and Ann Heaps, our Manager of People Ops to discuss, not just our love of goats, but about Cribl’s category-creating hyper-growth and how they plan to maintain a truly […]

rachel "pie" perkins Jun 4, 2021

OH: OverHerd, Episode 1

Welcome to OverHerd, a blog series chronicling the amusements (and occasional deep thoughts hidden within) of the Cribl Community Slack. Our Community Slack is usually hopping with questions, answers, and discussion, but there’s a lot of ridiculousness in the mix, and we like it that way :) 

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Clint Sharp Jun 2, 2021

Cribl.Cloud – Observability meets Simplicity

Since the inception of Cribl LogStream, we’ve had a freely accessible product. LogStream has always been available as a download or a Docker container. Since we launched version 2.0, I’ve often said LogStream is the easiest distributed system to setup I’ve ever encountered. Set up a leader node , set up one or more worker nodes, point them at the leader, and you’re good to go. If you’re running Kubernetes, we provide easy-to-use Helm charts for getting up and running quickly.

Abby Strong Jun 2, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 012 – LogStream 3.0 and LogStream Cloud

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, Abby is joined by Head of Product for LogStream, Nick Tankersley to discuss LogStream 3.0 and data infrastructure management with LogStream Cloud. What You’ll Learn: How LogStream 3.0 is making observability more accessible for more people. What Packs bring to the LogStream experience. How we’re building LogStream […]

Nick Tankersley May 18, 2021

Introducing LogStream 3.0 and LogStream Cloud

Today we launched two major additions to the LogStream product world. LogStream 3.0.0, which will help novice to experienced users find value with LogStream even faster; and LogStream Cloud, our new LogStream as a Service which provides all the power and usability of LogStream with the convenience of a cloud service.

LogStream Sandbox

Learn about the features of Cribl LogStream in our interactive sandboxes!