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Ed Bailey May 5, 2022

Getting Better Sysmon Data Using Cribl Stream

System Monitor, better known as Sysmon, is one of my favorite security datasets. The data is crazy detailed and offers a great way to power security detection and response since it gives cyber security teams a roadmap to understand exactly what systems or people are doing while they use any Windows operating systems. The avalanche […]

Art Chavez May 3, 2022

Protect the Business with Cribl Packs: Webinar Recap

The second in our Feature Highlights webinar series, Protect the Business with Cribl Packs, highlights Packs and security use cases. Packs enable you to share complex Stream/Edge configurations across multiple Worker Groups/Fleets, between Stream/Edge deployments or with the Cribl Community. Packs roll up best practices to ensure Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams have the required […]

Bradley Chambers May 2, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 38: Unlocking Customer Choice

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, Cribl CEO Clint Sharp and Nick Heudecker begin the show by discussing the recent announcements at Cribl. They then have a detailed discussion about the idea of customer choice, why enterprises get sold the “holy grail” over and over, why interoperability should be at the top of […]

Brendan Dalpe Apr 28, 2022

High-Performance Javascript in Stream – Why the Function in Your Filter Matters

Being a Cribl Pack author, I frequently receive questions related to why I chose to implement a certain functionality inside my Packs the way I did. A few lives ago, I worked for a Fortune 250 oil & gas company where I managed our SIEM environment. We didn’t have much in terms of system resources, […]

Donn Rochette Apr 27, 2022

AppScope 1.0: Changing the Game for Infosec, Part 2

We’re introducing AppScope 1.0 with a series of stories that demonstrate how AppScope changes the game for SREs and developers, as well as Infosec, DevSecOps, and ITOps practitioners. This blog is the second of two Infosec stories. For both Part 1 and Part 2, Randy Rinehart, Principal Product Security Engineer at Cribl, contributed extensively. For […]

Rachel "pie" Perkins Apr 26, 2022

Are You Curious? Announcing the Launch of Cribl Curious: A Q&A Site for the Cribl-Inclined

Our amazing user community is growing so fast that we want to give you more resources to learn and share your knowledge and experience with others. So…today we launch Cribl Curious! Curious is a Q&A site for asking and answering technical questions about Cribl Stream, Cloud, Edge, Packs, and AppScope. Goat a question about how […]

Bradley Chambers Apr 25, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 37: What Do Customers Think About Cribl Edge, Cribl Stream 3.4, and AppScope 1.0?

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, Rachel “piebob” Perkins and Jacob Wilkins from Cribl talk with xpac’ and Rich Mahlerwein from the Cribl Community about AppScope 1.0, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Stream 3.4 Links Cribl Edge Cribl Edge Sandbox More Choice, Less Compromise: We’re Taking You to the Edge! AppScope AppScope 1.0 If […]

Desi Gavis-Hughson Apr 22, 2022

Observe and Preserve: Earth Day 2022

It’s Earth Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the climate crisis and bringing about behavioral change to help our planet. If you’re reading this blog post though, you probably spend a lot of your time protecting and supporting a different type of environment. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few […]

Art Chavez Apr 20, 2022

4/20 and It’s Time to Roll Your Own…Packs That Is

We are excited to announce another first for Cribl – the first community Packs contest! Don’t bogart that knowledge! Packs enable easy sharing of complex Cribl Stream and Edge configurations (i.e, Routes, Pipelines, Sample Data, and Knowledge Objects) across multiple Worker Groups, Fleets, and organizations. It is as easy as adding a specific Pack to […]

Mo Hassan Apr 19, 2022

ZScaler Event Optimization with Cribl Stream

ZScaler delivers a suite of well-regarded products for helping IT securely move from network infrastructure to the cloud, using principles of zero trust. According to their website, they have 5,600+ customers and process 200B+ daily transactions. As organizations look to securely migrate to the cloud, they don’t always know what they don’t know, so all […]

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