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Perry Correll Sep 30, 2021

Data Masking with Cribl LogStream

In a past life, at our regularly scheduled IT team meeting, one of my engineers mentioned he had detected some cleartext Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in one of our logs. You’d have thought I brought a bowl of Gaegogi soup to a PETA conference. All I wanted to do was obscure some Social Security numbers […]

Jon Rust Sep 28, 2021

How To Replay Events from Object Storage into Your Analytics Systems using LogStream

The Replay functionality in Cribl LogStream fundamentally changes how organizations manage data by providing an easy way to ingest and re-ingest data into systems of analysis selectively. In addition to a little personal history about my introduction to Replay, we will walk through how to use this pioneering feature step by step. Big Data Dreams […]

Sondra Russell Sep 23, 2021

Scale Your Cribl Pipelines With This One Weird Trick

Designing one pipeline for each source type is a great best practice, but as you expand your Cribl footprint, you may find that different source types are so similar that it would be useful to send them all through a single pipeline, and enable and disable certain functions conditionally. In fact, you may find that […]

Mo Hassan Sep 21, 2021

What’s the ROI of implementing Cribl LogStream?

We are living in an age of explosive data growth. IDC projects that data doubles every 2 years, and IT data is not immune to this trend. With this growth come other imperatives: The need to share data among repositories. Pressure to cut the cost of data retention. Pressure to reduce the labor associated with […]

Ed Bailey Sep 20, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 20: Creating Options-Based o11y Strategies

In this episode, Ed Bailey and Nick Heudecker discuss building observability strategies and why taking an options-based approach is the right move over jumping into technology choices. They talk about avoiding vendor lock-in with an options-based strategy, as well as discuss the key principles around staging commitments, building composable architectures, and basing everything on core […]

Joseph Eustaquio Sep 16, 2021

Why I joined Cribl: If you can’t beat them, join them!

If you look up the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them,” it means that, if someone is too strong for you to defeat, it is better to be on the same side as them. Pretty smart, right? Well, Cribl doesn’t compete with anyone – the opposite, in fact. They complement many toolsets that […]

Kyle McCririe Sep 14, 2021

Using Cribl LogStream to Ingest OctoPrint Logs in OpenSearch

LogStream enables you to get multiple data formats into your analytics tools quickly. You can use LogStream to ingest data from any observability source or REST API, and easily transform and route that data to whatever analytics tool you choose. This blog will walk through how I used LogStream to ingest 3D printer data from […]

Joseph Eustaquio Sep 9, 2021

Breaking Down Why ‘Replay’ with LogStream is a Game-Changer

What’s replay? — no, not the clothing company. It’s not the catchy hit single by Iyaz either. Replay means jumping into critical logs, metrics, and traces, as far back in time as you want, and saying “let’s see that again” — replaying just the parts you need to see to investigate a security incident or […]

Kam Amir Sep 7, 2021

Leverage EKS Anywhere to have Cribl LogStream Worker Nodes Everywhere

We are very excited to be able to work with the AWS EKS Anywhere program which helps customers mitigate the complexity of managing, deploying and operating an on-premises Kubernetes cluster. Cribl LogStream can simplify collecting, shaping, routing and enriching logs and metrics and send them to any destination. Customers can take advantage of this service […]

Ed Bailey Sep 7, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 019: Observability Hierarchy of Needs

In this episode, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey discuss the observability hierarchy of needs and how Cribl helps your company build a comprehensive observability solution.  Observability isn’t a thing you buy. It’s a thing you have to build.  Nick explains how all these pieces come together and how the data flows through the different layers, […]

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