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Shutterfly Leverages Cribl Stream to Streamline Their Data Experience





Shutterfly is a leading digital retailer and manufacturing platform for photography and personalized products.
The Shutterfly data operations team supports the production of a myriad of printed and digital goods across multiple product groups. This requires that they capture and process an extremely high volume of data from diverse sources, then route that data to a similarly diverse set of destinations. The team uses Cribl Stream to address the complexity and intensity of this work, allowing them to deliver a flexible and resilient service to their internal and external customers.
Making Best Practices Easy to Put Into Practice
The Shutterfly team initially deployed Stream to scrub data before indexing it. Rather than expending the time and effort needed to clean up the data, the team found that configuring Stream to mask and normalize relevant fields on the way in was fast and easy, and delivered better results for downstream consumers of the data.

“And we can ensure that the data is routed efficiently and correctly.”

Mike Evans
Systems Architect, Shutterfly
Jessica Agte, Director of SRE, says Stream is “tremendously easy to manage,” making it possible for her team to better support their customers throughout the Shutterfly organization.

“Sending data through Stream is a boon to us; it helps us say yes more to the teams we serve.”

Jessica Agte
Director of SRE, Shutterfly
Keep On Keeping On, Even When the Rules Change
Sometimes, though, the content of the data isn’t the issue; the format or intended destination is. As Shutterfly continues to grow both in numbers and complexity, Jessica’s team has faced a challenge familiar to many successful organizations – ensuring data sent by a profusion of tools makes it to the right place in the right format, even if the underlying data architecture has changed. Stream’s dynamic routing functionality means they can easily override incorrect or outdated configs and ensure the data gets to the correct destination, all automatically – saving time for the operations team, and ensuring an positive customer experience.

“It’s automated: every time someone launches an agent, it also launches a Stream instance alongside it. Everything is easy to do. It’s one of the nice things about Stream – ease of deployment, ease of upgrade – I know it’s going to work.”

Cyle Delucca
Senior Automation Engineer, Shutterfly
Staying Frosty at the Peak
Like many businesses, Shutterfly has peak times, which means peak data flow for the team to handle. Using Stream, they have greater control over what gets indexed. By leveraging event payload reduction and dynamic sampling of repetitive content, Stream ensures the team sees the data they need to see without spending license bandwidth on the chaff around it.

“We’re able to turn sampling up as needed to address spikes; it’s easy, almost like a slider.”

Cyle Delucca
Senior Automation Engineer, Shutterfly
A One-Stop Shop for Visibility and Control

And while the data keeps rushing in, Stream gives the team a single place to turn in order to control it and check for issues.

“It’s a great tool for controlling the flow at data ingest, for monitoring and inspecting all the data streams coming in – just one tool and one interface. Stream provides us with excellent visibility and it lets us know when something is wrong with ingest. We can set up alerts or just look at Stream.”

Cyle Delucca
Senior Automation Engineer, Shutterfly

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