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2020 Virtual Cyber Security Summit – Philadelphia

Thu, August 20, 2020 @ 5:00 am PT

Join Cribl at the 2020 Virtual Cyber Security Summit in Philadelphia. Meet with us at our virtual booth, ask a question and request a demo. We will be showcasing our solutions for security professionals. Attend the panel discussion “Insider Threat – How to Detect Malicious Attacks and Defend Your Organization from the Human Error” which will feature insights from Cribl CEO and Co-Founder, Clint Sharp. The virtual booth opens at 8 AM ET.

Cribl LogStream helps you keep all of the data you need to deliver a secure enterprise without having to retain data in a SIEM or UEBA tool which are not optimized for long-term storage. We help you route that data to a cost-effective storage destination and replay it to your analytics tools when you need it.

This educational and informational forum will focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications and critical infrastructure. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the nation’s leading solution providers and discover the latest products and services for enterprise cyber defense.