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2021 Data and Observability Predictions

Webinar | January 19, 2021 | 10am PT

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After an unprecedented 2020 year, on a wide variety of fronts, 2021 may be just as unpredictable. The world of data analytics, observability, and security data is changing just as fast, if not faster, than the world around us.

Nick Heudecker, the Senior Director of Market Strategy & Competitive Intelligence at Cribl and a former analyst covering Data & Analytics for Gartner, will share some of his predictions for 2021. While he can’t say exactly what might happen, Nick will discuss trends and how they are likely to impact observability in 2021.

We’ll explore:
– The rising cost of container-based deployments and corresponding “container blindness”
– How log anxiety results in more frequent and more severe cybersecurity breaches.
– How observability pipelines will be increasingly called on to improve customer satisfaction and lower infrastructure costs