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Mandalay Bay  //  Las Vegas
August 7-8, 2024  //  Booth #2923


Controllabl, Flexibl, and Scalabl Data Management

Yes, we’re back. Back in Black – It’s not a hack.

Visit us in Booth #2923 for events you won’t believe. Trust us on that. Sessions with expert speakers on data management. Demos of every component of the data engine for IT and Security. At Black Hat, make this one stop to see our one-stop shop for analyzing, collecting, processing, and routing it all. At any scale.

Come see our new Cribl Copilot, our next-gen, AI-augmented workforce empowerment for IT and Security. Will we demo it? Yep, for your benefit.

Speaking schedule

It's easy: We speak and you listen. And learn how we can help you manage your data. Take a seat!

Speaker: Nathan Labadie, Sr. SE Manager for NG-SIEM
Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, May 7 at 1:pm PT | Cribl Booth #4224
You can’t stop what you can’t see. To stay ahead of modern threats, security teams need complete visibility across their environment — no matter where the data lies. Join Nathan Labadie, Sr. SE Manager at CrowdStrike to see how you can consolidate your disparate data sources into CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM using Cribl to unify visibility, streamline security operations, reduce complexity, and enhance overall threat detection and response.
Speaker: Brian Mendenhall, WW Head, Security Partners, AWS
Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, May 8 at 11:00am PT | Cribl Booth #4224
Drowning in a sea of security data? Struggling to keep up with stagnant budgets? Fear not! Join Brian Mendenhall, WW Head of Security Partners at AWS, as he takes you on an exciting journey to discover how Amazon Security Lake and Cribl can team up to help you conquer your security data challenges and unlock visibility across your tool stack. Get ready to dive in and unlock the true potential of your security data!
Speaker: Jim Apger, Principal Technology Alliances Engineer, Cribl
Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, May 8 at 12:00pm PT | Wiz booth #1435
Join us for a live demo with Jim Apger, Principal Technology Alliances Engineer at Cribl, as he showcases the Cribl integration with the Wiz Cloud Security Platform. During this session, Jim will highlight the REST API functionality of Cribl Stream, which allows users to retrieve valuable security-relevant information and route it to destinations such as security analytic tools and long-term retention platforms.
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Tired of manually adapting to a wide variety of tools to deal with your variety of data types?This is a better way.
Customer Success Story

Aflac gooses its data efficiency with Cribl

With Cribl, we imported a 34 million row CSV file into Redis and use the Redis function to match fields to records to add a new field that is used for faster identification of data once it is in Splunk.

row CSV file used with Cribl’s Redis function for faster ID
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