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.conf 2021

October 19th-21st, 2021 | Virtual

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Join Cribl at Splunk .conf21!

Oct. 19 – 21, 2021

Enterprises leveraging Splunk for data ingestion and analytics need an observability solution that scales well with their business requirements, optimizes data to improve Splunk efficiency, and provides a cost-effective way to retain data long-term.

Cribl LogStream is an essential part of observability, providing a pipeline that works with all tooling, keeps costs down, and scales with any business – making it the perfect complement to Splunk.

Visit us at our virtual booth, schedule a meeting with us, and learn from our speakers at this year’s Splunk .con21! We look forward to connecting with you!

Speaking Schedule

The Future of Observability
Date & Time TBD
Clint Sharp, CEO, Cribl

Digital transformations, cloud migrations, and persistent security threats turned observability from a niche concern to an essential capability in today’s organizations. We’re still in the early days of observability maturity, but early stumbles point to where observability must go in the future. This talk discusses where observability is today and the three critical areas necessary for observability to deliver on its promises throughout the enterprise.

In this talk, we will discuss what is observability and its value to the health and security of your business. What are your options to get started down the path to observability and how to build value and expand its impact across your business.

Learn more about optimizing your Observability Pipeline for cost and scale with Cribl LogStream™ + Splunk.

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