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ElasticON Global

Virtual |October 13-15, 2020 | 8am PT

If you’re thinking about, or are already leveraging, Elastic solutions and the Elastic Stack for enterprise search, observability, and security use cases, you’ll want to stop by the Cribl booth at ElasticON Global.

Our flagship product, Cribl LogStream, sits between the sources in your logging environment, like Beats agents, and the tools you’re using, like Elasticsearch and Kibana.

LogStream can write a full fidelity retention copy of all of your data to inexpensive storage like S3, or to archive tools like Amazon Glacier, with the flexibility to replay it at any time. LogStream can also deliver that data to one or more of the analytics tools that you choose, with the flexibility to shape the data before you deliver it.

Come see us at ElasticON to see if LogStream could be a fit for your Elastic environment.