Get Even More Out of Your Elastic Stack

Webinar | November 17th, 2021 | 10am PT

Elasticsearch is fast, but it can be inefficient for long-term data retention. How can you take advantage of Elastic’s powerful queries, increase the depth and breadth of your observability efforts, and reduce your budget?

Join Cribl’s Desi Gavis-Hughson and ~*~MYSTERY SE~*~ on Wednesday, November 17th for an interactive demo, where they’ll show you how to:

  • Reuse your existing data sources and agents to route data to the Elastic Stack
  • Control costs by leveraging low-cost object storage
  • Easily upgrade to the newest version of Elastic
  • Eliminate duplicate fields and null values, freeing up space for data you actually need to analyze
  • Painlessly navigate data migrations at scale from one tool to another – without dropping or losing data

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