Join Cribl at Snowflake Summit

Learn more about how enterprises around the world are finally able to gain choice and control over their ​​observability data. Cribl puts you in full control of your observability data, providing management that allows you to optimize the treatment of each of your sources and multicast it to destinations of your choice--saving you time and money.

Speaking Schedule

Building Product Analytics with Snowflake & Cribl Stream

WITH Nick Heudecker, Sr. Director of Market Strategy, Cribl
Wednesday, June 15th
10:30AM Expo Hall

Analytics at a high growth startup means being resourceful in using all available data effectively. At Cribl, we kick-started our business intelligence journey by using the largest set of data we had available: observability data. In this session you will hear how Cribl extracts valuable product and business metrics from unstructured observability data using Cribl Stream, S3, and Snowflake.

The Future of Observability

In this video, Cribl CEO Clint Sharp discusses what is observability and its value to the health and security of your business. What are your options to get started down the path to observability and how to build value and expand its impact across your business.