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Taming the Hyper-Growth of Observability Data

Webinar | November 5, 2020 | 10am PT

Join 451 Research and Cribl as we take a look at trends in data growth with respect to Observability and Security efforts.  Data is growing at a rapid pace  – both new sources of data and more data from existing  sources contribute to this.  More data offers the opportunity to get a more comprehensive picture of the health of both IT operations and security initiatives.  At the same time, more data also brings along increased complexity and costs.

Learn strategies for managing this explosion of data.  Take advantage of the benefits of better insights into your operations while mitigating the tradeoffs that accompany more data.  We’ll explore how building a pipeline for security and observability data can help you tame data growth, slash costs, and get more analytical value out of your data. We will also share how to prepare for what is coming over the next several years.

We’ll explore:

What are the hidden costs of exploding data volumes?
How can you take advantage of cloud technologies to address this?
What are successful enterprises doing  well?