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Immediate access to archived data

No more delays retrieving aged-out data. Work smarter and faster with instant visibility and access to all your data, all the time.

The Challenge

Too slow. Too painful.
Just to get data out of archives.

Huge volumes of data needs to be retained in low-cost archives for audit and compliance purposes as well as for future analysis. Archived data can be valuable for trend analysis, decision-making, and strategic planning. But getting data out of an archive is often a slow and painful process. Archival storage typically means the data is not readily available and may take days — or even weeks, if the team is overloaded — to convert, thaw, and formatted correctly to be used.

The Solution

Make data readily available 24/7

Get low-cost archival storage AND instant access to your data with Cribl Lake and Cribl Search. Consolidate all your data in Cribl Lake, which serves as a staging ground and central repository. Keep that data in open formats to allow for data portability. Then when needed, query data in place with Cribl Search, define policies, and route data to their proper destinations. As data is routed from Lake to various analysis systems, it is dynamically shaped and transformed using schema-on-need to meet the requirements of each destination. Maintain a full-fidelity copy of your data in Cribl Lake to ensure data is accessible and unfrozen for immediate visibility and access during incidents or compliance inquiries.


No need to rehydrate data and wait 24+ hours to access and search it. Run queries in real time with Cribl Search, no matter where data resides.

Open formats for data portability

Don’t get pigeonholed in predefining schemas just to store data that will sit in archival storage. Cribl Lake was designed to allow for data portability by storing data in open formats.

Data integrity and backup

Keep a full-fidelity copy of data to prevent data loss and ensure archived data is always available, even when downstream destinations are unreachable or slow to respond.

Reduce storage costs

Avoid retaining data in pricey analysis solutions by sending low-value data to Cribl Lake for long-term retention, and route high-value data to downstream tools.

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Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.

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