Data Collection

The best way to get data from any source to any destination

The Challenge

Data from APIs can provide a more comprehensive picture of what is happening in your environment, but this data can be among the most difficult to get into logging and other analytics tools. Even more challenging is pulling archived data from physical tape storage when older data is required for an investigation.

The Solution

LogStream is the best way to get multiple data formats into the tools you trust for your Security and IT efforts. Use the LogStream universal receiver to collect from any machine data source – and even to schedule batch collection from REST APIs, Kinesis Firehose, Raw HTTP, and Microsoft Office 365 APIs.  In addition, recall data from low-cost storage to replay logs to analytics tools for later investigations with ad-hoc data collection.

Benefits of Data Collection


Enables much cheaper long-term retention of security and observability data


More comprehensive analysis with new data types from APIs


Keep data in low-cost object stores and replay it to analytics tools as needed