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Data Reduction

Eliminate unused data to control costs

The Challenge

New data sources and growth in data from existing sources is staggering.  If you are like many of our customers you are seeing growth of 25%-30% year over year. You are anxious about exceeding daily ingest maximums, and employ workarounds to make it all fit – day after day.  Long-term retention of data in analytics tools is very expensive and can slow the performance of queries and correlations.

The Solution

Data reduction of as much as 50% of ingested log volume to control costs and improve system performance. Eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and any elements that provide little analytical value.  Filter and screen events for dynamic sampling, or aggregate log data into metrics for massive volume reduction. Do all this without worry – you can keep a full fidelity copy in a low cost destination and replay it back if needed.

Benefits of Data Reduction

Eliminate License Anxiety

LogStream helps you control your log volume so you never have to worry about exceeding your daily ingest limits.

Improve Performance

Logging tools only have to search through data with high analytical value and don’t get bogged down by all of the clutter.

Reduce Infrastructure

LogStream helps you reduce the data going into expensive stores and lets you retain it somewhere else for compliance.