Investing in Cribl, Builder of “Observability Pipelines” – Citi Ventures

“Observability”—the capacity to understand and maintain the health of an IT environment through data—is critical for modern enterprises seeking to manage their technology infrastructure, as it directly impacts employee productivity and customer experience. However, its implementation is rife with challenges.

To collect the necessary data (e.g., logs, metrics, and traces) from their IT environment, organizations must instrument their infrastructure with different types of sensors. This can quickly lead to “vendor tool sprawl,” with various best-of-breed sensor tools proliferating and creating silos of different machine data. These tools can generate up to a terabyte of data per day, which is expensive to store and increasingly challenging to mine and analyze. Finally, aggregating that data across the silos requires clunky data forwarders that can’t normalize or translate the data across different types and formats. The result is a veritable Tower of Babel of sensor tools that don’t “speak” to one another, making it almost impossible for enterprise IT departments to get a unified view of all their monitoring solutions.

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