Solution Brief: Ensure Long-Term Success with Elastic and Cribl

The Elastic Stack has become the go-to platform for organizations that want to explore new ways to analyze observability data. It’s a powerful platform for querying and correlating observability data, and it’s built to scale up and work with very large data sets.

To continue performing searches at lightning speed with indexed logging tools like Elasticsearch, those same organizations are turning to Cribl LogStream. They need an observability pipeline with the flexibility to get data into multiple tools from multiple sources without adding new infrastructure and agents. These companies also need a cost-effective strategy for retaining data long-term. At the same time, they need an observability solution that gives them the flexibility to make new business decisions and test out new use cases, regardless of the amount of data they have, the products they use today, or the tools they may turn to in the future.

Together, Cribl LogStream and Elastic give businesses of all sizes access to world-class data analytics at scale while optimizing for cost, ensuring long-term success.

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