Digital business disruption, application and infrastructure changes, and the global pandemic are causing I&O leaders to reevaluate IT monitoring strategies. This roadmap identifies aspects of IT monitoring that must evolve and migration steps I&O leaders must take to stay relevant through 2025.

This Gartner report develops your understanding of IT operations monitoring and how to apply it, including:

  • Analysis of high-volume telemetry data without context and unshared by different tools and diverse roles hinders the visibility that infrastructure and operations (I&O) needs to ensure the continuity, effectiveness, and digital experience of digital businesses.
  • The impact of COVID-19 has confirmed the essential nature of IT monitoring for both employees (internal) and digital business (external), but I&O leaders struggle to translate the results of operations monitoring for remote work into successful business objectives.
  • AIOps used in production environments have mostly failed to meet unrealistic expectations of self-healing and remediation capabilities.

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This Gartner report guides your development of a strategic roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring