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Industry Solution Brief: Managed Security Services



Data volumes are growing year over year in nearly every industry, and organizations supplying managed security services often feel these effects many times over. Because managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer outsourced monitoring and management of security systems, these providers may be working with data from a myriad of companies daily. Those companies could span several industries and be using a variety of tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an outsized impact on MSSPs. Intrusion detection and prevention was always top of mind for MSSPs; however, the pandemic has led to a wave of new methods designed to defraud and attack, making cybersecurity even more of a concern. Managed security service buyers are feeling the pressure too, demonstrated by an increased focus on pure threat detection and response, versus other services MSSPs may provide.

MSSPs not only need a way to manage increasing data volumes across a large quantity of in- industries and companies, but they’ll also require methods to support their customers’ various tooling. Concurrently, they will need ways to better detect threats and streamline the subsequent response.

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