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The Future of Observability Starts with Cribl LogStream 2.0

New Release Eliminates Wasted Ingest, Prepares for Petabyte Scale,Priced Affordably

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Las Vegas, Nevada (.conf 2019 Splunk) — October 21, 2019– Cribl, the leading innovator of the Observability Pipeline, today announced general availability of Cribl LogStream 2.0, delivering unprecedented visibility, control and value operating on customers’ machine data.

“We operate in a multi-billion-dollar analytics market with almost no innovation happening at the ingestion layer,” said Clint Sharp, co-founder and chief executive officer, Cribl. “Half of the machine data collected by organizations is waste, and the incumbent platforms provide no effective way to route low value data to cheaper destinations. LogStream 2.0 fills a huge need. We make Observability viable for any organization, giving them newfound visibility and control while maximizing value from their existing tools, with consumption pricing that is accessible for all.”

Cribl LogStream 2.0 is the only independent product on the market purpose-built for processing machine data in motion. The LogStream 2.0 approach to ingestion processing gives users the ability to implement an observability pipeline which can process data at Petabyte scale, with a new user console allowing management of up to a thousand worker nodes and True Consumption pricing. With Cribl LogStream, customers can unify processing across logs and metrics using their existing deployed footprint of agents to enrich, eliminate waste, and route the right data to log platforms, SIEMs, TSDBs, and data lakes.

Cribl was founded by a team of practitioners and big data experts who spent years designing and developing big data and log analytics solutions at Splunk. The team knows first-hand the struggles end-users experience purchasing and managing analytics systems at scale. LogStream 2.0 builds on the success of LogStream 1.0 which was released in August of 2018.

Cribl LogStream 2.0 benefits include:


  • Send data to multiple systems
  • Push data to the most cost-effective destination


  • Sub-field encryption
  • Hash data to preserve uniqueness

Cost Optimization at Scale

  • Eliminate wasted ingest – often up to 50%
  • Gain new control over data-in-motion
  • Better license utilization – route better, sample, suppress
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Petabyte-level scalability


  • True Consumption Pricing brings a utility model to the observability world
  • Planning for peak is inefficient, often 30% higher than pure consumption
  • Pay only for what you use

Cribl LogStream 2.0, is available and can be downloaded from Cribl’s website at


For more information, press only:
Clint Sharp, Cribl, 1-720-883-5607,