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Cribl and Wiz

Extract the most value from your security data with deep analysis visibility across remote, enterprise, and cloud environments.
Cribl and Wiz

Unlock the future of cloud security

Security teams are facing more challenges than ever with dramatically increasing volumes of data growing at 28% CAGR. This creates a slew of challenges including a large amount of security data creating “noise” that complicates prioritizing alerts. Organizations need sophisticated solutions that streamline data management and enhance security responsiveness. That’s why Cribl and Wiz have come together to help customers unify their fragmented data, simplify compliance, and enable efficient deep analysis.

Data is growing at

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Yet, budgets are tight. How do enterprises retain the years of data they need for compliance and investigations without breaking the bank?

Customer Success Story

Sinclair Broadcast Group

As a company leveraging the relationship between Wiz and Cribl, we’re enthralled by the seamless integration of cloud security and observability data management. Wiz’s powerful platform safeguards our cloud infrastructure, while Cribl efficiently channels and optimizes our logs, metrics, and traces. This integration has revolutionized our operations, granting us unparalleled visibility and control, enabling us to drive informed decisions effortlessly.


Unleashing security data potential with Cribl and Wiz

Operational efficiency

Enrich, dedupe, and transform cloud security infrastructure data including Issues, Vulnerabilities, and Configuration data from the Wiz Cloud Security Platform to address security visibility gaps, speed investigations, and strengthen the overall security posture.

Simplified compliance

Capture relevant data types, such as audit, configuration, vulnerability, and issue data, then store them in your security data lake and analytic tools.

Enhanced data visibility

Incorporate cloud-relevant data from the Wiz into your security analytics solutions to provide investigators and threat hunters with cross-channel visibility where threat actors move between environments.


A New Era of Cloud Security with Cribl and Wiz

Whether you’re a CIO/CISO, VP/Director of Security, Cloud/Security Architect, or DevOps Engineer, get ready to experience unified data mastery, efficient deep analysis, and simplified compliance like never before. With Cribl and Wiz by your side, the future of cloud security looks brighter than ever.

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