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Nick Heudecker Nov 29, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 25: SaaS Security Platforms

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey look at SaaS security platforms and managed security providers and how they’ve grown over time. They look at the benefits the model brings to organizations, how it is growing across the world, the challenges it can also bring, and the questions you […]

Joel Vincent Nov 15, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 24: LogStream 3.2 Launch Update

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, and Nick Tankersly, Head of Product for LogStream, discuss the fall release of LogStream. In LogStream Cloud Enterprise, Cribl is giving customers a way to manage their data plane outside of their control plane. This feature lets you deploy worker nodes […]

Nick Heudecker Nov 1, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 23: Observability: Hype vs Reality

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast, Nick is joined by Abby to talk about hype vs reality in the observability space. Nick brings his data perspective to compare with Abby’s networking background. They look at where the industry has come from, why it’s not just about monitoring, and where observability is going in […]

Abby Strong Oct 14, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 22: Gartner Recognizes Cribl as a Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

In this episode of the Stream Life podcast, Abby Strong is joined by Cribl CEO Clint Sharp to discuss Cribl being recognized in the latest Gartner Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability. report. During the show, Clint and Abby discuss the evolving views on observability, what this report means for the industry, and how well […]

Nick Heudecker Oct 4, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 21: The State of AIOps

IT and SecOps teams are turning to AIOps solutions to automate everything from handling alerts to diagnosing performance challenges, but successes are hard to come by. In this episode, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey discuss the state of AIOps, the challenges teams face when they implement it, and how Ed built his own AIOps solution. […]

Ed Bailey Sep 20, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 20: Creating Options-Based o11y Strategies

In this episode, Ed Bailey and Nick Heudecker discuss building observability strategies and why taking an options-based approach is the right move over jumping into technology choices. They talk about avoiding vendor lock-in with an options-based strategy, as well as discuss the key principles around staging commitments, building composable architectures, and basing everything on core […]

Ed Bailey Sep 7, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 019: Observability Hierarchy of Needs

In this episode, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey discuss the observability hierarchy of needs and how Cribl helps your company build a comprehensive observability solution.  Observability isn’t a thing you buy. It’s a thing you have to build.  Nick explains how all these pieces come together and how the data flows through the different layers, […]

Abby Strong Aug 25, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 018: Cribl Raises $200M in Series C Funding on Traction with Global Enterprise Customers, Vision to Unlock Value of all Observability Data

Cribl, the leading Observability Pipeline company, today announced it raised $200 million in new Series C funding led by Greylock and Redpoint Ventures, joined by new investor IVP, existing investors Sequoia and CRV, and with strategic investment from Citi Ventures (the investment and innovation arm of Citigroup) and Crowdstrike.  If you want to get every […]

Abby Strong Aug 9, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 017 – Exploring Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Monitoring, Observability, and Cloud Operations

In this episode, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey discuss Gartner’s new Hype Cycle for all things observability and monitoring, including what the hype cycle is and how it’s used, where observability falls in 2021, and where things are headed. They’ll also discuss some other profiles in the document, like OpenTelemetry and eBPF. What You’ll Learn: […]

Abby Strong Jul 27, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 016 – The Importance of Data Governance for Observability Data

In this episode, Ed Bailey and Nick Heudecker discuss the importance of data governance for observability data. They’ll explore why data governance is important for customer privacy, compliance, and enterprise security, and why it’s hard to achieve in today’s sprawling monitoring environments. They’ll also look at how Cribl LogStream solves those governance challenges for some […]

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