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Multicloud: The Good, The Bad, and The Observable

How observability can help optimize performance, cost, and security in your multicloud environment

Edward Jones Case Study: Scaling Our Security Platform with Azure Sentinel, Cribl and SRA

Join Edward Jones’ Threat Vulnerability and Management leaders Matthew Found and Christopher Simpson to hear a first-hand account and lessons learned from their multi-year journey to transform the SOC at Edward Jones.

Building a Scalable Cyber Security Operations Center at a Premier Resort and Conference Center with Cribl and Exabeam

They’ve leveraged Cribl to dramatically reduce their SIEM spend, route regulatory data to appropriate destinations, and build a fully functional CSOC in 60 days.

Realize Your Data Lake Strategy with Hunters and Cribl

Combine Cribl Stream’s data ingestion and routing capabilities with the Hunters SOC Platform to accelerate your security data lake rollout.

Expand Your Visibility with AppOmni and Cribl

Get unprecedented visibility into your SaaS ecosystem and take control of your security data with AppOmni and Cribl.

Searching Observability Data for Dummies

This book introduces you to the concept of how IT teams currently search the volumes of data generated. This includes the data generators, the different types of data generated, the teams who consume this data, and some of the systems of analysis that analyze the data.

Optimize Observability Operations with Grafana and Cribl Stream

Together, Cribl Stream and Grafana solutions provide a way for companies to centralize and democratize their data wherever it lives, preventing data silos and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Multicloud: The Good, The Bad, The Observable

Check out this webinar to learn how observability can help you reduce cloud spend, better understand the health and performance of systems, optimize resources, and keep data secure in your multicloud environment.

Cribl for the Defense Information Systems Agency: Streamlining DISA Data Management and Operations

Cribl Stream minimizes costs, enables longer data retention periods, and helps streamline operations, making it the ideal solution for DISA’s data management challenges.

Cribl’s Summer Launch: Level-Up Your Security & Control

Join this webinar and see how Cribl is enabling teams and users to work together across their entire portfolio through enhanced security and access control, while providing data and insights on-demand.

Cribl Stream Sources and Destinations

Cribl Stream helps you process data — logs, application data, instrumentation data, metrics, etc. — in real time, and deliver them to your destination analysis platform of choice.

Amplifying Security Insights with Corelight and Cribl

Join our webinar to learn how the joint solution expands visibility, bolsters detection, and accelerates investigations while maintaining data fidelity.

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