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Level Up Security Operations with Google Chronicle and Cribl

Onboard your security data from any data source into Google Chronicle within minutes, so you can spend less time data plumbing and more time responding to cyber threats.

Sally Beauty Swaps LogStash and Syslog-ng with Cribl.Cloud for a Resilient Security and Observability Pipeline

With Cribl.Cloud, Sally Beauty’s security experts can focus on security instead of data engineering.

Cribl and CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale

The Cribl integration with Falcon LogScale empowers teams to optimize data and store it in one place, improving data visibility and providing cost-effective control over their data.

Top 3 SIEM Optimizations: How to Get More From Your Existing Tech Stack

Join our webinar on-demand to further understand the need to implement a security observability pipeline to solve many SIEM financial and functional issues.

The Business Case for Observability Pipelines

Gaining control over observability and security data, like metrics, logs, and traces, is critical for today’s operations and security teams. Observability pipelines offer a vendor-neutral solution to manage the costs of security and observability data, integrate disparate platforms, and scale overworked teams.
Cribl Search Logs

Observability Search Tools: Breaking Your Heart & Budget?

No longer must data be collected and moved to storage before being examined. Now you can search data at the edge, moving through an observability pipeline, stored in a data lake, or even stored in existing solutions like TSDBs or log stores.

Top Five Trends for Security and IT Budget Owners

Security and IT budget owners prioritize efficiency and cybersecurity amid budget challenges. The focus is on getting the most out of their technology investments while also ensuring their systems and data are protected.

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See: Why Data Visibility Matters

In the federal government, agencies are struggling to manage and secure vast troves of data. With disaggregated systems, they may not know where the important data resides, or understand where and how it's being used.

Cribl for DoD: Enhancing Data Visibility for the Warfighter

When federal agencies integrate Cribl Stream into their environment, they can quickly and securely optimize and share their mission critical data across the enterprise

Accelerate EO 14028 Compliance While Controlling Log Ingestion Costs

When federal agencies integrate Cribl Stream into their environment, they can quickly and securely optimize their SIEM for cost and performance, while complying with the latest OMB mandates.

Observability: What is it?

Observability is an umbrella term for data management and includes the areas of telemetry, security data, and machine data. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of not only what Observability can provide, but maybe more importantly what it cannot.

Better Together: Cribl Stream and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Leveraging Cribl Stream with EDR data forms the foundation for a defense-in-depth strategy while aligning to popular cybersecurity frameworks (CSFs) like MITRE ATT&CK.

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