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Take Control and Shape Your Data

All your Observability Data. All under Control. All under Budget.

What is an Observability Pipeline?

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Autodesk Simplifies their Enterprise-Tier Data Pipeline with Cribl

See how this industry titan broke free from a complex legacy data pipeline infrastructure with LogStream – reducing duplicate logging data by 166%!

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It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure, but for your data.

LogStream delivers a flexible solution to enable customers to choose what data they want to keep, in what format, in which data store – and the assurance that they can also choose to delay any or all of those decisions with a complete copy in very low cost storage.

Just like choosing your own adventure, LogStream can centralize the forwarding of all machine data and get it to the right destination, shaped, enriched, and ready for analysis – or simply on standby for when it might be needed in the future.

This unprecedented flexibility gives customers the most important feature of all: Choice.

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