Cribl LogStream

Route log data from any source to the most cost-effective destination.

Reduce log data volume to control costs.

Collect data from low-cost storage and replay it to an analytics system as needed.

Cribl LogStream

Cribl LogStream processes log data before you pay to analyze it. LogStream helps you discern which data you need to send to an analytics tool to analyze now; which logs can be aggregated into metrics; which data should be stored and analyzed later if needed; and which elements of data should be dropped altogether. LogStream allows you to implement an observability pipeline which helps you parse, restructure, and enrich data in flight. Get the right data, where you want, in the formats you need.

Cribl unified logging
Cribl unified logging mobile

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Put data to rest in the most cost-effective destination



Reduce as much as 50% of ingested log volume to control costs



Replay logs to analytics tools for later investigations with ad-hoc data collection



Transform, parse and structure log data – extract only signal, no noise

Cribl LogStream is available as a free download

Download Cribl LogStream today and get started. Once you see
the value, let’s talk about your license and use cases!
*Free download is single node and community supported.


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< 100GB / Day

Single Node

Community Support

Single User No Auth


< 100 GB Daily


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<= Unlimited


Commercial Support

Enterprise Auth


Daily Ingestion

List Price: $120 per GB/Day for 1 Year Term

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  $0 Per GB/Day, per month

LogStream Free is a great way to discover the value of Cribl LogStream.

  • Up to 1 TB/day ingest
  • Route to unlimited destinations
  • 1 worker group
  • Up to 10 worker processes
  • Community support
  $0 Per GB/Day, per month

LogStream One is the best way to get data into Splunk and Elasticsearch

  • Up to 5 TB/day ingest
  • Route to Splunk or Elasticsearch
  • 1 worker group
  • Up to 50 worker processes
  • Community support
Starting at $5 Per GB/Day, per month

LogStream Standard routes to multiple destinations with Standard support and data limits.

  • Up to 5 TB/day ingest
  • Route to unlimited destinations
  • 1 worker group
  • Up to 50 worker processes
  • 8x5 customer support
Starting at $12 Per GB/Day, per month

LogStream Enterprise is the ultimate offering for Enterprises with concierge level support and features.

  • Up to unlimited data ingest
  • Unlimited worker groups
  • Unlimited worker processes
  • Role-based Access Control
  • 24x7 customer support

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Cribl LogStream allowed us to fork data from Splunk’s Universal
Forwarder over to Kafka without needing another agent.

Lead Application Architect
Leading Health Insurance Provider

Cribl LogStream helped us reduce 63% of our Splunk data,
freeing up resources and letting us focus on new initiatives.

Senior Security Engineer
Global Financial Services Company

We’ve been looking at a lot of things. While you can never expect
to find a silver bullet, this is pretty close.

Director & Distinguished Engineer
Global Financial Services Company

This is a must-have tool to complement massive seas of data.

Splunk Trust MVP, Financial Services Firm

Frankly, I don’t know why every Splunk customer wouldn’t use Logstream Free.

Mike Cormier, Concanon

LogStream Sandbox

Learn about the features of Cribl LogStream in our interactive sandbox!