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About the Cribl Partner Program

The Cribl Partner Program is built to expand customer relationships, build new revenue streams, and accelerate deployment of observability solutions. Partners who join the Cribl Partner Program receive the skills, tools, and expertise needed to unlock the value of all observability data for customers. Whether you resell solutions, deliver services, or integrate technology, Cribl ensures you have the clearest path to growth. Better serve your customers, further differentiate your practice, and continue to grow your business with Cribl.

Cribl Partner Program Benefits

We are committed to providing a predictable, profitable and positive partner experience.


Online Sales Tools

Slack Community*

Sandbox Courses & Certifications

Sandbox Adhoc Trainings

Partner & Company Logo Use

Access to Partner Portal

Private Slack**

Pre-release Product Demos &
Technical Briefs

Lead Sharing Program

Semi-Annual Roadmap Briefings

Promotion & Incentives

Upon Availability

Upon Availability

*Community Slack includes:
● #general - Open forum for all Cribl related questions
● #feature-request - Request and discuss feature requests
● #announcements - General Cribl Announcements

**Private Slack details:
● Direct access to Cribl Sales team
● Channel name and content invisible to search
● Coverage during regular US business hours (9AM ET - 8PM ET)

Technology Ecosystem

Cribl's products help to route, reduce, collect, and transform data to and from sources you may have never considered before due to volume, complexity, and capacity constraints. Now you can choose them all!