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Go on, Pop the hood.

Get your engine running with Cribl Sandboxes: online tutorials to help you learn about Cribl products. You can get your hands dirty by starting with Cribl Stream, which covers basic product usage and includes a tour of some common use cases. Data fuel injection commence.

We recommend you start with Cribl Stream.

Getting data to the right places, in the right formats, at the right time.
An intelligent, highly scalable edge-based data collection system.
Search any data, vendor, format, from one location, using one query language.

Cribl Lake

Easily store, access, and retrieve data — without being a data expert.

One data control plane. One TB/day. Four great products: Lake, Search, Edge, and Stream.


Only got 10 minutes?

No problem! Come see how to do basic tasks in the Cribl Suite of products in these short shorts. Nice!

What’s New (v4.5)

Explore newly released features in the Cribl suite of products.

Jump in and learn more

This course walks through ad-hoc data collection in Cribl Stream, which can replay data from low-cost storage.
30 minutes

This course explores configuring Event Breakers and timestamp extraction on various Sources in Cribl Stream.

60 minutes

This course is an interactive dive into Cribl Stream’s user experience.

90 minutes

This course explores Cribl Stream’s lookup functionality, showing exact match, regex, and CIDR lookups.

30 minutes

This course gives you the skills needed to manage your Cribl Stream instance via GitOps.

30 minutes

This course explores how to configure the Cribl Stream REST API Collector for authentication, discovery, and collection of JSON data from a REST API endpoint.

60 minutes

This course explores how to install the Cribl Edge Helm Chart on a Kubernetes cluster and how to configure various sources to increase observability of Kubernetes.

45 minutes


Get more from Cribl

Cribl University

Always free, always worth your time. Courses for Cribl basics, troubleshooting and o11y and security best practices.

Cribl Community

Join us on Slack. Get answers, swap ideas with other users, or just come for the tearable puns and questionable memes.

Cribl Documentation

Instructions. We haz them. aka Officially supported technical guidance for Cribl users and admins.

Ready to apply what you've learned?

Sign up to a free cloud account.  One TB/day. Four great products: Lake, Search, Edge, and Stream.

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