Cribl’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program

For Cribl, building relationships with our customers and partners on a foundation of trust is of the highest importance. As the Data Engine for IT and Security, security and privacy are always top priorities.

Cribl appreciates our partnership with the security community and welcomes feedback from security researchers and the general public to help improve our security. If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability, privacy issue, exposed data, or other security issues in any of our assets, we want to hear from you.

Before submitting a report, please review our vulnerability disclosure policy which can be found below. Please use the form in the adjacent tab to submit your report.

Cribl’s Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

This vulnerability policy (“Policy”) outlines the steps for reporting vulnerabilities to us, what we expect, and what you can expect from us.

Systems in Scope

This Policy applies to any digital assets owned, operated, or maintained by Cribl that are not explicitly in the Out of Scope section below. We are specifically interested in reports affecting the following domains:

Systems Out of Scope

  • Cribl Cloud integrates with Auth0 for authentication. Auth0 is NOT in scope for testing. The following URLs are explicitly out of scope for security testing:
  • Assets or other equipment owned or operated by third parties.
  • Vulnerabilities discovered or suspected in out-of-scope systems should be reported to the appropriate vendor or applicable authority.

Our Commitment to Researchers

  • Trust. We maintain trust and confidentiality in our professional exchanges with security researchers.
  • Respect. We treat all researchers with respect and recognize your contribution for keeping our customers safe and secure.
  • Transparency. We will work with you to validate and remediate reported vulnerabilities in accordance with our commitment to security and privacy.
  • Common Good. We investigate and remediate issues in a manner consistent with protecting the safety and security of those potentially affected by a reported vulnerability.

What We Ask of Researchers

  • Trust. We request that you communicate about potential vulnerabilities in a responsible manner, providing sufficient time and information for our team to validate and address potential issues.
  • Respect. We request that researchers make every effort to avoid privacy violations, degradation of user experience, disruption to production systems, and destruction of data during security testing.
  • Transparency. We request that researchers provide the technical details and background necessary for our team to identify and validate reported issues, using the form below.
  • Common Good. We request that researchers act for the common good, protecting user privacy and security by refraining from publicly disclosing unverified vulnerabilities until our team has had time to validate and address reported issues and provided written authorization for disclosure.

Vulnerability Reporting
Cribl recommends that security researchers share the details of any suspected vulnerabilities across any asset owned, controlled, or operated by Cribl (or that would reasonably impact the security of Cribl and our users) using the web form on the adjacent tab. The Cribl Security team will acknowledge receipt of each vulnerability report, conduct a thorough investigation, and then take appropriate action for resolution.

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