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Training Philosophy

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Welcome to Cribl U. Because Cribl makes data management simpler, learning about it is easy, too.

New to data management or years in the field? Welcome.
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We made in-demand knowledge for data pros easy to consume, convenient to access, and available at any time, at your own pace. Cribl University equips you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills to manage your data ecosystem effectively. We’re cultivating the next generation of data gurus – defining a new kind of data engineer. Come on in.

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Take the Learner's Journey
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We’ll step you through which training content to access, making it specific to your needs and easy to find. The Learner’s Journey is a groovy guiding tool for your herd.

Cribl Certified

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Our instructors are the best. The very best.

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Continuing Education

Never gonna let you go

Our supplemental training will help further develop your working knowledge of Cribl products and complex O11y and security telemetry infrastructures. Here’s a quick glance at some of our curricula:

Introduction to Cribl​

An industry overview plus technical product walkthroughs.


Quick, helpful tidbits on key topics.

Advanced Troubleshooting​

Deep dives on common roadblocks.

Cribl 101s​

Strategic topics to help you fill in the gaps.

Partner Learning

The rev in the data revolution

Partners revolutionize how companies manage their data and security. We make sure our partners are fueled for success in IT and Security data management with tailored curricula and accreditations. With our Cribl Partner Accreditations, we help our partners improve their customers’ existing data investments:

Cribl Partner Sales Essential Accreditation

Builds an understanding of observability and the Cribl solution suite. This track helps partner sales reps and account managers understand and communicate the value of Cribl to customers and prospects.

Cribl Partner Pre-Sales Essential Accreditation

Offers an understanding of observability and the Cribl solution suite, including demo walkthroughs of Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Search. This track helps partner sales engineers build product expertise and uncover opportunities with their customers and prospects.

Launch a sandbox over lunch

Sandboxes are online tutorials that sit outside of Cribl University and help you learn about Cribl products. You’ll learn about basic product use and tour common use cases.


Go ahead, see if you can stump us. The Cribl Training Team is here to help.

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