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Download & Install x64
curl -Lso - $(curl https://cdn.cribl.io/dl/latest-x64) | tar zxv
Download & Install ARM64
curl -Lso - $(curl https://cdn.cribl.io/dl/latest-arm64) | tar zxvf -


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Release Notes
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Download Binary and Make Executable:
LATEST=$(curl -Ls https://cdn.cribl.io/dl/scope/latest)
curl -Lo scope https://cdn.cribl.io/dl/scope/$LATEST/linux/$(uname -m)/scope
curl -Ls https://cdn.cribl.io/dl/scope/$LATEST/linux/$(uname -m)/scope.md5 | md5sum -c
chmod +x scope

Download Container

Download and run the most recently tagged container

The container provides the AppScope binary on Ubuntu 20.04

Contribute to the Project

AppScope is available under the Apache Software License v2.0

Getting Started with AppScope

New to AppScope? Visit our guides to get started:

Getting AppScope CLI Reference Guide

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