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Nick Heudecker Aug 15, 2022

Resiliency As the Next Step in the DevOps Transformation

We’ve reached the point in the DevOps transformation where efficiency and automation are no longer the highest objectives. The next step is engineering past automation and towards fully autonomous, self-healing systems. If you aren’t conversing about building this type of resilience into your systems and applications, there’s never been a better time than now to […]

Cribl Training

Bradley Chambers Aug 11, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 52: Observability Data vs Data Observability

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, Nick Heudecker talks with Lior Gavish, the CTO at Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is one of the top companies in the data observability market, and we were excited to have clarified some critical differences between observability data and data observability. It’s a fun show as always, so pour […]

Cribl Packs Contest Winner

Mike Dupuis Aug 10, 2022

Announcing the Winners of the Cribl Packs Contest

It’s time for the Black Hat conference in the United States, so we’re onsite meeting with customers and prospects looking to untangle their data from the grip of vendors holding their data hostage. We aim to start a rebellion against this lock-in and encourage customers to focus on radical choice and control with their observability […]

Ledion Bitincka Aug 9, 2022

Lessons Learned From Building a Company and Raising Kids

When I had my first child almost six years ago, I expected that most of my time would be spent in the role of a teacher rather than a student. I have two kids now — and I’m certainly teaching them as much as I can as they grow and learn to navigate the world […]

Measure Improvements in Monitoring and Observability

Nick Heudecker Aug 8, 2022

The Real Opportunity for Improving Outcomes with Monitoring and Observability

If you were pulled into a meeting right now and asked to give your thoughts on how to achieve better outcomes with monitoring and observability, what would you recommend? Would you default to suggesting that your team improve Mean Time To Detect (MTTD)? Sure, you might make some improvements in that area, but it turns […]

Ed Bailey Aug 5, 2022

Goats on the Road: What Customers Are Telling Us

The best part of my job is talking with prospects and customers about their logging and data practices. I love to talk about everything they are currently doing and hope to accomplish so I can get a sense of overall goals and understand current pain points. It’s vital to come up with solutions that provide […]

Bradley Chambers Aug 4, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 51: Feedback is a Gift

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, I talk with Cribl CEO Clint Sharp about customer feedback, lessons from the early days of Cribl, and companies must continue listening to their customers as they grow. Links Jobs at Cribl C021 Data Masking in Cribl Cribl Stream Fundamentals Lite: Overview Cribl University Cribl Community Cribl […]

Black Hat 2022

Bradley Chambers Aug 3, 2022

Cribl Comes to Black Hat, Announces SentinelOne Partnership, and Frees You From the Data Lock-In Empire

Black Hat 2022 is coming up very soon, and our team is incredibly excited to meet up with existing customers and newcomers to Cribl. Cribl is a customers first organization, and part of that focus involves solving problems that no other vendor is solving. Security teams can’t catch a break in today’s environment. Threats are […]

Jackie McGuire Aug 2, 2022

Why Did I Join Cribl?

Cribl is doing amazing things and solving significant problems. As a data scientist for a cybersecurity startup, I spent countless hours cleaning, deduplicating, and formatting data for my models. Duplicate, redundant, or unnecessary data not only costs more to ingest, store, and query, it also results in a ripple effect in the code base, creating […]

Cribl.Cloud Pricing Changes

Manish Bhaskar Aug 1, 2022

Cribl.Cloud Simplified with Consumption Pricing

One year ago, we launched Cribl.Cloud as a cloud-hosted option for our industry-leading data pipeline product, Cribl Stream. Customers had a choice of either deploying on-premises with a subscription-based tiered license model or opting for our cloud service with a similar tiered billing model. Fast-forward one year, and Cribl is now a multi-product company with […]

Cribl Sandbox

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