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The Cribl blog covers Observability, Big Data Analytics, Data Streams Processing... and anything else we feel like writing about!

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Nick Heudecker Jul 22, 2021

How to Reframe IT Cost Cutting into Customer Impact

Demands to cut IT costs typically come from the top down, and they can hit overworked IT teams like a depth charge, leaving IT leaders scrambling to respond. When IT leaders detail the impact of cutting costs, they often scope things in terms of impacted service level agreements (SLAs) within IT. They don’t take a […]

PagerDuty and LogStream Packs

Jon Rust Jul 20, 2021

Using Webhooks in LogStream to Trigger Incidents in the PagerDuty API

Webhook destinations have been available in LogStream since 2020 (LogStream version 2.4.4), and Packs since July of 2021. In this blog post we’ll cover using Webhooks to trigger incidents in the PagerDuty API, and the Cribl Webhook Pagerduty Pack created to demonstrate how Packs make deployment easier. Sending Notifications via Webhooks LogStream’s core competency is […]

Carley Rosato Jul 15, 2021

Using Prometheus for Agentless Monitoring

Many organizations are beginning to use containers due to the flexibility they provide over traditional virtual machine infrastructure. This technology allows infrastructure teams to increase agility, and adapt to changing business needs, by quickly deploying portable and scalable containerized applications. However, due to their complexity, container environments have introduced new challenges in monitoring the various […]

Mick Shanaghy Jul 13, 2021

We Follow the GOAT Standard for Customer Support

Very early on at Cribl, our Founders and early employees decided that “Customers First, Always” would be a core value of our company, and we have built our business based on that value. If you ask any employee on any team – from Sales to Engineering to Marketing – they will tell you that their […]

Abby Strong Jul 12, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 015 – The Painful Lifecycle of Security Data

In this episode of The Stream Life podcast, Rachel Perkins interviews new Criblanian Jacob Wilkins about his long and painful past in the Security Data field, and what the bright future of shiny new Observability Pipeline tools like LogStream holds for beleaguered Data Engineers. What You’ll Learn: How data enrichment relates to observability The challenges […]

Ahmed Kira Jul 8, 2021

Improving Splunk Performance (and Lowering CPU Usage) with LogStream

An ex-colleague at Splunk asked me in a LinkedIn post if Cribl LogStream does anything else besides log reduction. This blog is for him. LogStream optimizes data so that it’s consumable again. In this blog, I’ll focus on using LogStream to improve Splunk performance for search while lowering CPU usage. If you’re in the David […]

Nick Heudecker Jul 6, 2021

Latest AppScope Updates: version 0.7 adds ability to attach to a running process, TLS support, and Alpine Linux support

The AppScope team has been hard at work since our release of the project and we’re thrilled to announce the latest update – AppScope 0.7. This release brings a host of fixes and improvements, but I wanted to highlight three key new features: attaching to running processes, TLS support, and Alpine Linux as an available […]

Brendan Dalpe Jun 29, 2021

SOAR to New Heights with LogStream

When I worked as an information security practitioner, I spent most of my time responding to and investigating alerts. These alerts were from various tools such as next-generation malware detection and prevention systems, web proxies, firewalls, and email filtering appliances. Occasionally, as part of triage, I’d need additional context surrounding the users’ or machines’ activity […]

Global Keyword Search CLUI

Łukasz Wilk Jun 23, 2021

Internal Express.js requests powering CLUI

Global Keyword Search (aka CLUI) was introduced in LogStream 2.4.0. This feature enables the user to press Ctrl+K (all platforms) or Cmd+K (MacOS) and search across LogStream objects by keyword. This article describes how we built it and the engineering choices we made.

Nick Heudecker Jun 22, 2021

How the IKEA Effect Drives Your Observability Pipeline

When my home office needed better storage, I made a trip to IKEA in Menlo Park. Most of the effort would come later, as I shouted at instructions and searched for the right screw and hex wrench to assemble it all. When I finished hours later, I had a respectable office that I valued more because of the labor I put forth. This is called the IKEA effect, and it’s built on a bias called the endowment effect.

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