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Erin Sweeney May 19, 2022

Five Ways Cribl Helps Enterprise SOCs: Check It Out Live at RSA

I recently spoke with recovering SOAR founder JP Bourget, founder of BlueCycle, a SOC/MSSP Advisory Service. JP and his team have worked with more than 250 organizations, advising on SOC best practices, optimization, and improving security data pipelines and processes. As he’s logged more than 20 years in cybersecurity, I wanted to chat with JP […]

Nick Tankersley May 18, 2022

Why Small Bugs Matter at Cribl

Everybody is used to dealing with the bugs on their smartphone and other technology devices In their homes that have been an issue for years. The fact that they may never be resolved is just one of those things that we’ve decided to accept. At Cribl, we approach this situation differently — we’re not okay […]

Stacey Shut May 17, 2022

We’re Committed To Remote Work – And We’re Hiring Across All Departments

Cribl Is Remote-First, But Not Remote-Only While other companies are fumbling around trying to convince their employees they need to come back to an office, we’ve decided to exist in the real world instead and support people’s desire to continue working remotely. In fact, since Cribl’s founding five years ago, we’ve been a remote-first company. […]

Jaimie Bougie May 16, 2022

Event Reduction in Four Easy Ways with Cribl Stream

One of Cribl Stream’s selling points is the reduction of ingested log volume, which helps our customers control costs and improve system performance. This can be accomplished in two ways – either by eliminating duplicate or unnecessary fields and null values within the events, or controlling the number of specific events that actually get sent […]

Desi Gavis-Hughson May 12, 2022

Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Right-Sizing and Overhauling Your Architecture

Last week, we hosted a webinar on the easiest way to right-size – and safest way to overhaul – your architecture. One of the scenarios we’re seeing come up more and more with prospects and customers is the need to update your architecture, and particularly your security architecture, as new needs and threats arise. As […]

Bradley Chambers May 11, 2022

Up the Creek Without a Paddle: Easing the Strain on Your Analytics Systems

When it comes to your analytics tools, would you say they’re getting easier to manage overall, or is it increasingly difficult? Can you easily scale to meet new compliance requirements, or is there so much custom work required that the pace of change is too much for your team to handle? Do you feel in […]

Jordan Perks May 10, 2022

A New Goat Tells the Tale of His Cribl Onboarding Experience

“Onboarding to a startup is a wild ride.” “Get ready to figure out things on your own.” “This will not be like onboarding in the large, well-organized companies you are accustomed to.” These are a few quotes from friends and former colleagues once I let them know I was taking the next step in my […]

Bradley Chambers May 9, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 39: Reducing and Shaping Security Data Increases Value for the Bank of New Zealand

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, Art Chavez is joined by Shane Huston, Senior Security Specialist at the Bank of New Zealand. Shane’s team struggled with capturing so much data and then trying to find what they needed inside that data with rapidly growing costs. Using Cribl Stream, the Bank of New Zealand […]

Abby Strong May 6, 2022

Cribl Recognized as One of the Top 5 Bay Area Best Places to Work

Today, we’re excited to share that Cribl has been named one of the Top 5 Best Bay Area Places to Work for 2022! The Best Places to Work is an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal that honors remarkable companies validated by their employees. We are beyond […]

Ed Bailey May 5, 2022

Getting Better Sysmon Data Using Cribl Stream

System Monitor, better known as Sysmon, is one of my favorite security datasets. The data is crazy detailed and offers a great way to power security detection and response since it gives cyber security teams a roadmap to understand exactly what systems or people are doing while they use any Windows operating systems. The avalanche […]

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