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Ed Bailey Oct 19, 2021

Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise – Leader in the Sky

Cribl has added a new way to deploy and manage LogStream in the cloud with Cribl LogStream Cloud Enterprise, giving admins even better options to lower management overhead and improve ease of use. With LogStream Cloud Enterprise, the cloud LogStream leader node is now fully hybrid capable. This separates the data plane from the control plane […]

Brandon McCombs Oct 14, 2021

Announcing the Cribl Support Portal

We are excited to announce that our Cribl Support Portal is live! The Portal resolves the challenges some customers faced with providing diag bundle files to Support, including some mail servers blocking diag content and email server limits on diag file size. With access the Support Portal, you can now you can upload files directly […]

Abby Strong Oct 14, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 22: Gartner Recognizes Cribl as a Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

In this episode of the Stream Life podcast, Abby Strong is joined by Cribl CEO Clint Sharp to discuss Cribl being recognized in the latest Gartner Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability. report. During the show, Clint and Abby discuss the evolving views on observability, what this report means for the industry, and how well […]

Clint Sharp Oct 14, 2021

Cribl Recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

We launched Cribl a little over three years ago and shipped our first product, LogStream. Our goal was simple: to help enterprises get more value from their logging and event data. At the time, LogStream was a groundbreaking product in the nascent observability space. Today, it is the leading observability pipeline used by companies like […]

Art Chavez Oct 14, 2021

Why I Joined Cribl: Customers, People, and Innovation

I am joining Cribl to pioneer the Product Advocacy role/team. What is Product Advocacy? I’m glad you asked. A product advocate’s focus lands squarely in helping the Cribl users/community successfully deploy and use (the technical aspect) Cribl solutions to solve real data problems (the business view) and deliver value to their organizations. The Cribl community […]

Nick Tankersley Oct 12, 2021

LogStream Adds New QuickConnect feature, Cloud Upgrades, GitOps, and More

It’s been a busy Summer and Fall at Cribl. Since our August updates to LogStream, we’ve been hard at work getting ready for our most significant set of releases to date! LogStream Cloud Enterprise will be available on October 18th, and additional LogStream enhancements will be available in the coming weeks. LogStream Cloud Enterprise We launched […]

Brendan Dalpe Oct 7, 2021

Using AWS Athena to Search an Observability Lake in Amazon S3

The inspiration for this blog comes from working with two Cribl customers. LogStream can replay any data from object storage to systems of analysis, without the need for any code. But sometimes it makes more sense to keep the data inside of an object storage platform if the data set will be extremely large to […]

Raanan Dagan Oct 5, 2021

Configure End-To-End Load Balancing in Cribl LogStream

The main purpose of load balancing is to prevent any single server from getting overloaded and possibly breaking down. In other words, load balancing improves service availability and helps prevent downtimes. This blog will talk about how LogStream can load balance the data coming in and out of it. The example follows a real-world architecture […]

Nick Heudecker Oct 4, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 21: The State of AIOps

IT and SecOps teams are turning to AIOps solutions to automate everything from handling alerts to diagnosing performance challenges, but successes are hard to come by. In this episode, Nick Heudecker and Ed Bailey discuss the state of AIOps, the challenges teams face when they implement it, and how Ed built his own AIOps solution. […]

Perry Correll Sep 30, 2021

Data Masking with Cribl LogStream

In a past life, at our regularly scheduled IT team meeting, one of my engineers mentioned he had detected some cleartext Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in one of our logs. You’d have thought I brought a bowl of Gaegogi soup to a PETA conference. All I wanted to do was obscure some Social Security numbers […]

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