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Bradley Chambers Nov 30, 2022

The Stream Life Episode 70: How to Get Funding for Observability and Security Projects

In this episode of The Stream Life Podcast, I chat with Cribl’s Ed Bailey about the challenges IT professionals have as they prepare their annual budgets. Resources On-demand Webinar: How To Get Funding For Observability And Security Projects Join the Cribl Community Begin your Cribl certification path Connect with Bradley on Twitter Connect with Ed on […]

AWS Competency

Bradley Chambers Nov 29, 2022

Cribl Achieves AWS Security Competency Status

Cribl is kicking off AWS re:Invent 2022 with a wave of news, all benefiting our fantastic customers. Earlier this month, we announced the availability of Cribl.Cloud on AWS Marketplace, giving customers access to our unified cloud suite within a consolidated purchase environment. Today, we announced that Cribl now integrates with Amazon Security Lake and provides […]

data lake

Michelle Zhang Nov 29, 2022

When Stream Meets Lake: Cribl Integrates With New Amazon Security Lake to Help Customers Address Data Interoperability

We’re excited to announce that Cribl integrates with Amazon Security Lake. Amazon Security Lake allows customers to build a security data lake from integrated cloud and on-premises data sources as well as from their private applications using the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OSCF). Now, AWS customers and partners can now use Cribl to choose data […]


Cam Borgal Nov 29, 2022

Oh….The Things You Can Test with Built-in Data Generators in Cribl Stream

Picture this! The coffee is hot, the keyboard is ready to rock, the bandwidth is unused, and the software is deployed (or the cloud is waiting patiently)…. but the data is missing! That’s right, most of us have been there. In our industry, it is very common for data to be the lowest common denominator for […]

Cribl Search Webinar

Perry Correll Nov 29, 2022

Cribl Search: The Most Powerful Tool for Querying Data at Its Source

One of the most useful features of Cribl’s flagship solution Stream is its ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in your data’s journey from source to destination — Stream allows you to control what data goes to what system, Cribl Search, takes this to the next level by controlling what data should be […]

Michelle Zhang Nov 28, 2022

Cribl Supports Multiple AWS Account Monitoring and Analytics with New Account Factory Customization

Keeping with our mission of helping customers gain radical levels of choice and control with their observability data, we’re excited to announce full support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account Factory Customization solution within AWS Control Tower console. Customers can now use AWS Control Tower to define account blueprints that scale their multi-account provisioning […]

Search Observability Data

Perry Correll Nov 22, 2022

Cribl Search: An Innovative New Way to Search Observability Data

These days, administrators typically have to deploy multiple tools to search through all of their datasets – then they get to spend the little free time they have left over dreaming of a world where they could search multiple distributed datasets simultaneously, similar to existing web search tools. They might have one tool for Splunk, another […]

Cribl using Cribl products

Declan Shanaghy Nov 21, 2022

Eating Our Own Goat Food: How We Use Cribl at Cribl

Here at Cribl, we’re big on GoatFooding. We not only prepare but consume our own products, in our own products. Today we’ll pull back the curtains to shine a light on how we use Cribl products within our Cribl.Cloud service. Cribl is a pioneer in the observability space, so what better way to use our products […]

Perry Correll Nov 20, 2022

Searching Observability Data Just Became Point & Shoot

The traditional approach for searching observability data is a tried-and-true: Collect the data from the source(s). Route the data to a central location Ingest and index the data in your system of analysis. Once all the search staging is accomplished, we can perform high-speed, high-performance, deep-dive analysis of the data. But is this the best […]

Security Field Day 2022

Nick Heudecker Nov 20, 2022

Watch Cribl’s Presentation at Security Field Day 2022

Security teams everywhere are struggling under increasing data volumes, tool sprawl, and staffing challenges. Simply onboarding a new data source takes teams weeks or months. Then they have to make sense of signal vs the noise, and don’t get me started on budget challenges to store all this stuff for years at a time. Many security […]

Cribl Sandbox

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