Cribl Stream for Healthcare

Healthcare providers need an observability tool that works with existing tooling, offers quick insights on telehealth data, and controls patient and organizational information to maximize privacy and security.

The healthcare industry experienced major, sudden market shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including, but not limited to, unprecedented financial pressure on hospitals and healthcare systems and an unanticipated surge in the offering of clinical services through virtual means. At the same time, data volumes are growing year over year in nearly every industry, and healthcare is no exception. These economic hardships – combined with this surge in telehealth and the amount of data that comes with it – present key challenges for healthcare product leaders. To combat these challenges, healthcare providers are shifting their spending priorities to new, cost-effective technologies, with a focus on improving security, promoting interoperability, and bettering external-facing services.

Given the increased investment in technologies to navigate the new normal, healthcare organizations will not only need a way to manage the continuing growth rate of data, but they will also require analytics to better understand the behavior of those applications and data. Concurrently, they will need tools to better protect patient privacy, combat cybercrime, and streamline security breach investigations.

Key Features of Stream for Healthcare

Route Data to the Most
Cost-Effective Destination

Use Cribl Stream to send data to the most effective destinations, including low-cost storage locations like S3. Quickly route data to the best tool for the job – or all the tools for the job – by translating and formatting data into the tooling schemas you need.

Use Summary Data for
Faster Insights

Easily extract fields of interest and publish the result to metrics. Once aggregated, you will see a major reduction in event counts and data volume, freeing up space in your analytics tools. Send the resulting metrics to your analytics tool or route them to a dedicated time series database for efficient storage and retrieval.

Redact PII from Data in
Real Time

Leverage Cribl Stream’s out-of-the-box Mask function to mask or obfuscate data in motion. Encrypt sensitive data in real time before it is forwarded to and stored at a destination, ensuring anonymity for every customer and patient.

Streamline Security Breach

Cribl Stream allows you to park full-fidelity data in low-cost storage for as long as you need. Discovered a security breach? Use Stream to efficiently collect data from object storage and replay that security data to any SIEM or UEBA system.