Take Control of Your Data

Harness the power of CHOICE with a purpose-built solution that gives you the power to collect, transform, and route observability data from anywhere, to anywhere - from a single interface.

Organizational Independence

Most organizations want to standardize their systems, but different tools work better for different use cases. Stream gives you the flexibility to change tools based on your evolving needs. With Stream, different sets of data can be funneled to various tools without adding additional agents to your source systems.

Self-Service Tooling

IT departments don’t have the resources to assume responsibility for data requirements beyond the basics. Stream empowers each department to take responsibility for their requirements and needs. By making it easy to use the data you already have to feed different tools, all teams can manage their own data in their chosen tool.

API Data Polling

Stream is a universal receiver and collector of log and metrics data. It can pull in data from Stealthwatch, Infoblox, Microsoft 365, or even external references such as weather data, air quality, etc. The more data that feeds into Stream, the more valuable the information becomes in your analytics environment.

Security Breach Assistance

Security breaches are often discovered long after they start, but it can be very expensive to retain so much data in your SIEM or UEBA tools for extended time periods. Stream enables you to route a full fidelity copy of security logs to in low-cost storage, where they are easily retrieved and replayed to analytics tools for a comprehensive investigation.

Aggregating Logs into Metrics

Data logs have a lot of useful information to help you optimize your IT environment, but they can occupy a lot of storage. If you just need to track a subset of data, consider using the Stream Aggregate feature to convert logs into metrics. Organizations can get a 1,000 : 1 data reduction using aggregation.

Encrypting Sensitive Data

Log data can contain a lot of sensitive information. Masking certain fields keeps your company and your customer's data safe. Stream offers powerful encryption tools and role-based access control to keep sensitive data private, including the ability to redact PII in real time.

Tired of the trade-offs for collecting, analyzing, and storing your logs, metrics, and traces?

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