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Turn Big Data into Better Data

Cribl LogStream

LogStream allows you to implement an observability pipeline which helps you parse, restructure, and enrich data in flight - before you pay to analyze it. Get the right data, where you want, in the formats you need.

LogStream Gives You Control

To Route Your Data

Route data to the best tool for the job - or all the tools for the job - by translating and formatting data into any tooling schema you require. Let different departments choose different analytics environments without having to deploy new agents or forwarders.

Put data where it has the most value

To Reduce Your Data

As much as 50% of log and metric data goes unused – null fields, duplicate data, and fields that offer zero analytical value. With LogStream, you can trim wasted data streams and analyze only what you need.

Eliminate data to control costs

To Collect More Data

LogStream is the best way to get multiple data formats into the tools you trust for your Security and IT efforts. Use the LogStream universal receiver to collect from any machine data source - and even to schedule batch collection from REST APIs, Kinesis Firehose, Raw HTTP, and Microsoft Office 365 APIs. In addition, recall data from low-cost storage to replay logs to analytics tools for later investigations with ad-hoc data collection.

The best way to get data from anywhere, to anywhere

To Shape Your Data

Process your machine data before you pay to analyze it. Translate and transform, enrich, parse, and structure log data to focus on signal and not noise. Enrich logs with third party data such as geo-IP or known threat databases. Secure log data with encryption, masking, and role-based access controls

Take data as it comes, shape it into what you need

Do you know LogStream is available in the Cloud too?

All of this, without the hassle of installing software on prem.

LogStream Features

Universal Receiver

Collect and receive data from any source

Universal Router

Deliver the right data to the right tools from a single interface

Intuitive Management

Rich UI for configuration & monitoring

Data Shaper

Enrich, Reduce, & Transform any data

Do a little math. Impress your boss.

The LogStream ROI Calculator gives you an easy way to calculate the savings with LogStream.

LogStream Resources

LogStream Sandbox

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