Cribl Stream for Retail

Retailers need an observability tool that helps optimize customer experience, advances their digital transformation efforts, and offers flexibility to observe all revenue impacting activity and events.

As the old saying goes, the customer is always right, and that is especially true in the retail industry. The modern retail consumer has a variety of stores to choose from, including brick-and-mortar establishments and online stores. As customers take further advantage of e-commerce options, and as traditional retailers compete for their business, digital transformation in retail has evolved to support customer-centricity, including but not limited to, further adoption of digital technologies and the investigation of human-hybrid operational models. To ensure the success of these investments, retailers have no choice but to provide more maintenance and monitoring, including additional investments in observability tooling.

Retailers will not only need to invest heavily in digital transformation to meet consumer demand, but they will also require analytics to better understand the behavior of those new technologies.

Key Features of Stream for Retail

Route Data to the Most Cost-Effective Destination

Use Cribl Stream to send data to the most effective destinations, including low-cost storage locations like S3. Quickly route data to the best tool for the job – or all the tools for the job – by translating and formatting data into the tooling schemas you need.

Use Summary Data for
Faster Insights

Easily extract fields of interest and publish the result to metrics. Once aggregated, you will see a major reduction in event counts and data volume, freeing up space in your analytics tools. Send the resulting metrics to your analytics tool or route them to a dedicated time series database for efficient storage and retrieval.

Redact PII from Customer Data in Real Time

Leverage Cribl Stream’s out-of-the-box Mask function to mask or obfuscate data in motion. Encrypt sensitive data in real time before it is forwarded to and stored at a destination, ensuring anonymity for every customer.

Monitor Pipelines to Inform Critical Business Decisions

Reduce management overhead, with a robust and easy-to-use GUI-based configuration and testing interface. Capture live data and monitor your observability pipelines in real time, enabling further visibility to inform maintenance and other critical business decisions.

Cribl and Concanon: Building Trust into the Relationship Companies Have with Their Data

Concanon helps customers understand and leverage their data to address Cybersecurity, IT Operations, DevOps, and Business Analytics challenges.