Criblers: Assemble!

On July 17th more than 400 Cribl users came together at The Mirage in Las Vegas to celebrate each other and the power of learning at CriblCon. The theme of our conference, “Do Different,” resonated throughout the day, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and highlighting the distinctive approach our customers and employees bring to every aspect of their work.

CriblCon provided a unique platform for users of the data engine for IT and Security to delve into the world of Cribl and witness firsthand how we “Do different.” Participants were captivated by engaging customer presentations, immersive hands-on labs, and insightful discussions on how Cribl and our users are revolutionizing the industry. While the excitement of an in-person event is hard to recreate online, we have done our best below, bringing you presentations with tips and best practices that you can start using today.

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Routing Around the World with Cribl Stream!

WITH Steve Koelpin, Senior Architect & Don Reilly, Senior Manager – TransUnion
Meet Your Business Goals Faster and More Affordably from Tool Evaluations, Migrations, Compliance Mandates, M&A and more

Re-Thinking Your Security Data Architecture

WITH Executive Director of Cyber Security – Large Hospitality Venue

Hear how this premier upscale resort in Las Vegas leveraged Cribl to dramatically reduce their SIEM license, fork off regulatory data to appropriate destinations, and build a fully functional CSOC in less than 60 days.

Enrichment: Better Data in > Better Response Times Out

WITH Shawn Cannon, Threat Management Consultant – Aflac
We’ll show how you can set up and use a Redis cache along with Cribl Stream to enhance your data before sending it to its destination. We’ll cover how we imported a 34 million row CSV file into Redis and use the Redis function to match fields to records to add a new field that is used for faster identification of data once it is in Splunk.

Getting _____________ for Less from Your Analytics Tools
(More Data, Faster Data Onboarding, Better Performance, Accelerated Searches, Faster Response Times and More!)

WITH Todd Sherinian, Sr. Manager, Global Cyber Operations – Circle K
Your analytics system of choice is probably pulling triple-duty for your enterprise–data collection, data storage, and its primary goal: analytics for monitoring, reporting and taking action. In this session we discuss considerations for various use cases, and why and how to use Cribl Stream to customize the processing and routing of various data sources to optimize, enrich, and route your data based on its content, value, and purpose.

A Data Engineers Journey to Modernizing with Cribl

WITH Terry Mulligan, Consultant – Discovered Intelligence
In this session, we will share the challenges encountered, lessons learned, best practices we adopted and things we just simply wish we knew from the start. Sit back and let us share with you our journey to modernizing data engineering using Cribl.

Git and Get Going

WITH Sanjay Shrestha, Principal Detection Engineer – Bayer
The integration of Git in Cribl is a powerful tool for managing configurations and data pipelines in modern data architectures. It enables users to manage configuration files and pipelines as code, simplifying the deployment and management of pipelines. Users can track changes, collaborate on changes and rollback to previous versions if needed.

Don't let the party end!

CriblCon might be over, but the learning doesn’t need to stop.
  • Cribl Curious: A Q&A site for the for getting all of your sources to the right destinations
  • Cribl User Group: A Virtual meetup to connect with fellow Criblers from around the globe. Check out previously recorded sessions too!
  • Cribl Community: The jumping off page for all things Cribl education and community.
  • Cribl University: Find the right learning path and certification for you to start using and getting value from Cribl’s portfolio of products.

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