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CriblCon 2024 Recap!

June 18, 2024
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WOW! What a week we’ve had at the CriblCon 2024 in Las Vegas! Our team has been looking forward to this week for some time, and it did not disappoint! We kicked off the week on Sunday evening at Ole Red with an incredible night with our EMEA partners and customers who flew halfway around the world to be with us! More than 800+ Cribl users came together at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to celebrate each other and the power of learning at CriblCon. Our attendees discovered exactly how to make their data management unstoppabl.

The theme of our keynote was “Do Different.” Cribl’s Clint Sharp (Co-founder and CEO), Abby Strong (Chief Market Officer), Ledion Bitincka (Co-founder and CTO), and Dritan Bitincka (Co-founder and CPO) took the stage to unveil our vision for the coming months.

We understand that the data needs of IT and security teams are different and require a first-principles approach. The strategies of the 2010s are not scaling for the 2020s and beyond, and that’s where our suite of products excels. We’re focusing on the right user experience with the right technology and deploying purpose-built tools to solve your data challenges. We focus on enabling choice, control, and flexibility. We do that by listening to your needs, building innovative products, and delivering solutions to scale your data strategy.

Over the past year, we’ve delivered 15 releases that included 200+ customer feature requests.

CriblCon Highlights

Customers First, Always

First and foremost, On behalf of the entire team at Cribl, I want to express our sincere gratitude for our presenter’s participation. Their presentations were insightful, engaging, and incredibly valuable to our audience.

We appreciate their time and effort in preparing and delivering their presentation. We also appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge with YOU, our community. Take a few minutes to watch the recordings. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll learn something you can apply to your environment today!

Cribl Copilot

The headline announcement of the event was Cribl Copilot! Cribl Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent guide that accelerates efficiency in managing IT and security data at scale. With an innate understanding of the intricacies of complex data infrastructures, Cribl Copilot creates Day 1 value by helping users accelerate deployments and start getting the data they want in a matter of minutes. By augmenting the capabilities of existing staff with the compendium of knowledge from Cribl’s engineers, customers can build efficient workflows and resolve the most challenging data problems faster without learning curve delays. Cribl Copilot capabilities include:

  • Generate insights: Copilot anticipates users’ needs with auto-generated insights, dashboards, and notifications based on organizational data and system metadata.
  • Generate Code Functions, Pipelines, and Kusto Query Language (KQL) using natural language: Natural language reduces learning curves to minutes, enabling users to ask questions of their data and allowing Copilot to create complex observability pipeline configurations and search queries to find answers and get valuable data to any destination – fast.
  • Chat with Copilot to address problems: Coach engineers through the most challenging data problems by tapping the sum total of Cribl’s entire solution engineering experience in real-time.
  • Build AI-powered troubleshooting tools: Dedicated support guru for every engineer to build troubleshooting tools and reduce time to resolution of problems.

Cribl Copilot is fully integrated across Cribl’s portfolio of products, enabling customers to seamlessly tackle the most complex IT and security data challenges with the ability to build robust, efficient operations across Cribl Edge, Cribl Stream, Cribl Search, and Cribl Lake.

Listen to this episode of Cribl’s podcast to learn more about Cribl Copilot.

Cribl Stream

Cribl Stream 4.7 has arrived with enhancements designed to streamline your workflows and fortify your security. We kicked our OTLP support into high gear, introducing smarter batch processing for better network efficiency. Plus, we added support for OTel logging. This means simpler, more cohesive handling of your data—logs, metrics, and traces.

On the security front, we’ve introduced advanced authorization features for on-prem teams to help you better safeguard sensitive info. And for those who thrive on direct connections, Cribl Stream now integrates directly with Oracle databases as a source.

Cribl Edge

We also announced that we’ve extended Cribl Edge scalability to 250,000 nodes, providing the world’s largest organizations with the control and flexibility to manage vast environments and simple monitoring of the even most complex Kubernetes deployments.

We did all of this while reducing its footprint by 15%. We’re also adding Windows 10 and 11 laptop and desktop support to Cribl Edge later this year.

Cribl Search

Cribl Search has expanded its capabilities beyond archival data stores to now include support for time-series databases and cloud data warehouses such as Prometheus, Snowflake, ElasticSearch, Azure Data Explorer, AWS OpenSearch and more.

Oh, and coming soon: Real Time Fast Query!


Cribl.Cloud is also receiving an incredible upgrade with our multi-tenant Workspaces feature to give customers on-demand, fully isolated environments that provides:

  • Environment-Level Isolation: Each workspace is a fully isolated set of Cribl products with its own access VPC, compute, storage, and networking. Workspaces are a push-button way to expand Cribl to new parts of your organization or stand up sandboxes, development, and test environments.
  • Large Scale Team Management: Workspaces are integrated with the Cribl Authorization and Authentication tools to allow for fast and secure onboarding of teams and users to specific environments without data leakage or configurations to other environments.
  • Fully managed Services: Workspaces in Cribl.Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing cloud services for networking, computing, and storage. They provide a flexible and efficient way of providing Cribl data management suite with little management overhead.

Cribl.Cloud Workspaces are ideal for organizations looking to leverage the power of Cribl products across dedicated environments while maintaining the benefits of centralized management, administration, and billing. They offer the benefits of isolation, security, and scalability for customers who require multiple unique enterprise environments.

Learn more about Cribl.Cloud Workspaces.

We’re also pleased to announce that we have added additional AWS regions (Canada Central, Sydney, and Ohio), and Azure support is coming soon!

Cribl University

Cribl University has expanded the Cribl Certified program with a new Cribl Certified Admin – Edge certification, furthering its mission to build data experts across the entire lifecycle of data management.

You can get started on your Cribl University journey today for free!

New Goat Posse

Joining Bjorn Hansen, Shawn Cannon, and Gov Gopap from last year, we’re excited to welcome Chanda Pulliam, Josh Brunvoll, and Paul Stout to the Goat Posse, which is our award for the top Cribl community contributors and ambassadors for the year. Josh even went above and beyond and provided some of the music for this year’s event. Check them out below. A little tip of that hat goes your way, Josh!


We’d like to thank our event sponsors as well!

Join Us for the CriblCon PitStop

We’re so thankful for all our customers and partners who attended the sessions on day 1 and joined the CooLAB on days 2 and 3. CriblCon is one of the best ways to understand how we “Do different,” and we’re thankful for all those who attended! If you’d like to watch our customer presentations, check out the CriblCon page on our website.

We’re Bringing CriblCon to Your City, and You’re Invited! The CriblCon Pit Stop is traveling across the country to help people like you solve their data problems. Buckle up and see how Cribl gives you the choice, control, and flexibility to power your IT and Security operations now and into the future. Spaces are limited, REGISTER NOW to join us!


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