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Solve your greatest data mysteries

On June 10th more than 800 Cribl users came together at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to celebrate each other and the power of learning at CriblCon. Our attendees discovered exactly how to make their data management unstoppable. Solved that mystery at CriblCon. Find clues to how the data engine for IT and Security helps them analyze, collect, process, and route all their data. At any scale. Uncover more value from your SIEM, AI Ops, and analytics tools, too.

CriblCon provided a unique platform for users of the data engine for IT and Security to delve into the world of Cribl and witness firsthand how we “Do different.” Participants were captivated by engaging customer presentations, immersive hands-on labs, and insightful discussions on how Cribl and our users are revolutionizing the industry. While the excitement of an in-person event is hard to recreate online, we have done our best below, bringing you presentations with tips and best practices that you can start using today.


Keynote: Wreak Order in the Midst of Chaos: Future Proofing Your IT + Security Data Strategy

Clint Sharp, CEO and Co-Founder, Cribl
Dritan Bitincka, CPO and Co-Founder, Cribl
Ledion Bitincka, CTO and Co-Founder, Cribl
Abby Strong, CMO, Cribl

Data growth, data formats, emerging tools and AI wreaking havoc in your organization? At Cribl, we’re here to help you wreak order. We’ll walk you through how building a Data Engine for IT and Security, powered by Cribl will help you clean up data disasters, conquer compliance, power your people and prepare your organization for automation and AI. Curating high-quality data, bringing in unstructured data under management and establishing data literacy need to come first. These efforts can often be justified within innovation budgets while driving immediate impact through visibility, knowledge-sharing and better decision-making.

How Cribl saves us 400k per year

Chris Affleck, Senior Cyber Security Engineer, Epiq Global
Dan Wilson, Cyber Security Engineer, Epiq Global
Sidd Shah, Staff Solution Engineer, Cribl

In this session, we’re going to dig into how Epiq transitioned our security infrastructure from on-premise to cloud with the help of Cribl. We’ll talk about the challenges we faced in learning how to parse and shape Microsoft Sentinel data, and the victories we achieved by simplifying our infrastructure for cost savings and to streamline our data processes. We’ll share some valuable lessons we learned along the way helping others navigate similar digital transformations successfully.

Navigating Transition: From Syslog and Logstash to Cribl

Chanda Pulliam, ​​Senior Information Security Engineer, Synopsys

In this session, we’ll explore the transition from traditional syslog and Logstash setups to the dynamic capabilities of Cribl. We’ll share our firsthand experiences, from scalability issues to performance challenges, how we navigated these obstacles, to effectively transition to Cribl and Elastic.

s/Chaos/Control/g -> Modernizing the Data Pipeline with Cribl

Aaron Wilson, SRE Manager, iHerb
Jon Rust, Staff Solutions Engineer, Cribl

In the quest to turn our outdated and disorderly SIEM into a modern, streamlined and manageable solution, we turned to Cribl. Together we develop a centrally managed environment that empowered our teams to manage multiple data sources and destinations with improved time-to-value, reducing data flow steps, and increasing sustainability. Join this session to learn how we used Cribl to modernize and streamline our SIEM operations into a single point of management solution.

Next-Gen Logging : Deep Dive with a Large Financial Institution

Raanan Dagan, Staff Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Learn how one of the largest U.S. financial institutions handles a diverse and high-volume logging ecosystem while supporting a multi-cloud integration across on-prem, SaaS, and public cloud. Serving approximately 70 million customers, this financial institution follows an Infrastructure-as-code approach to manage their logging platform and deliver dashboards, alerts, and queries across multiple lines of businesses. You’ll see how to care for sensitive data with the utmost care, minimizing risk and maximizing peace of mind with Cribl, the data engine for IT and Security. From logs to business insights in a matter of clicks, you are sure to rethink the power of logs!

Data – A Team Sport

Nick “Tank” Tankersley, Cribl

Cribl offers a suite of tools designed to optimize data pipelines, with different components tailored for managing and orchestrating data flows at scale across different teams and data sources. One of the biggest problems with building and running a multi-team data engine is isolation. This presentation will cover how we at Cribl have handled the challenge of data, configuration, and access isolation for growing teams through features such as Cloud Workspaces, Worker Groups, and Stream Projects, and how they provide isolation and crafted experiences for different levels of data access and control.

Delivering Observability for Highly Available Services with Cribl (aka How Cribl Makes Better Products with Cribl)

Jacob Gorney, Cribl
Josh Biggley, Cribl

Learn how Cribl uses its own purpose-built data engine for IT and Security capable of discovering and collecting data from any source, processing billions of events per second, automatically routing data to optimized storage, and analyzing any data, at any time, in any location to drive the Cribl.Cloud team’s observability practice, make quick decisions, and continuously improve Cribl Stream, Edge, and Search from the inside.

Tune your Data Engine: How Packs and Forks Supercharge Value

John Lim, Lead Systems Engineer, Cox Automotive

Grease the wheels of adoption and step on that pipelining gas pedal! Integrating Cribl Stream into your existing data engine can be a challenge for large organizations with well-established processes. Learn how Cox Automotive is methodically incorporating Stream through the extensive use of packs and data forks, and how stakeholders can realize the value of Cribl Stream with minimal impact to their day to day operations. Furthermore, learn how Cox Automotive is using data tiering and replay to ensure high availability and accelerated resolution times.

Exploring the Synergy: Correlating Traces with Logs for Enhanced Observability

BhoopeshKumar Jayasekaran, AutoDesk

This proposal aims to investigate the correlation between traces in OpenTelemetry (Otel) and logs in Splunk, two widely used tools in the field of observability and log management. The objective of this research is to explore how the integration of trace data from Otel and log data from Splunk can provide a comprehensive understanding of application performance and behavior. By analyzing the relationship between these two data sources, we aim to identify patterns, uncover hidden dependencies, and gain insights into system bottlenecks and potential issues. Through this correlation, we hope to enhance troubleshooting capabilities, optimize system performance, and improve overall observability of distributed applications. The findings of this study will contribute to the development of effective monitoring and analysis techniques, enabling organizations to proactively address performance challenges and deliver more reliable and efficient software systems.

Reduce Risk with Cribl and Choose the right SIEM

Chris Talbott, Cyber Security Manager, Amex GBT
Adam McLaughlin, Cyber Security Engineer, Amex GBT

This session explores how our team utilized Cribl Stream to navigate a complex SIEM landscape. We faced several challenges: evaluating new SIEMs, managing high-volume data in our current SIEM, and ultimately migrating to a new solution – all without disrupting ongoing security operations.

Copilot Demo

Clint Sharp, CEO and Co-Founder, Cribl
Dritan Bitincka, CPO and Co-Founder, Cribl

CriblCon 2024 demo of Cribl Copilot, an AI-powered engineering partner that puts decades of engineering experience at the fingertips of every user, streamlining the efficiency of IT and security data management at scale. Cribl Copilot is fully integrated across Cribl’s portfolio of products, enabling customers to seamlessly tackle the most complex IT and security data challenges with the ability to build robust, efficient operations across Cribl Edge, Cribl Stream, Cribl Search, and Cribl Lake.

250k Edge Demo

Ledion Bitincka, CTO and Co-Founder, Cribl

Cribl Edge brings the heat this summer with some sizzling updates. This season, you can handle even bigger deployments with support for a whopping 250K Nodes. Plus, Cribl Edge now runs on Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit only), giving you more flexibility. On top of that, the update brings improvements in licensing management, on-premise access controls, and enhanced support for Google SecOps and OpenTelemetry, making your data management this summer a breeze.

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