Solution Brief: Break Down Data Silos and Get Around Vendor Lock-In with Cribl and Grafana

Grafana has become a go-to choice for organizations that want to query, visualize, alert on, and understand logs, metrics, and traces – no matter where they’re stored. It’s a powerful platform for correlating observability data, and Grafana’s solutions give you a way to easily consolidate and centralize all of your visualizations and alerts within one simple user interface. Those same organizations are turning to Cribl LogStream for similar reasons. They need an observability pipeline with the flexibility to get data into multiple tools from multiple sources without adding new infrastructure and agents. These companies also need a cost-effective strategy for retaining data long-term without restricting their teams to any one vendor. At the same time, they need an observability solution that gives them the flexibility to make new business decisions and test out new use cases, regardless of the amount of data they have, the products they use today, or the tools they may turn to in the future.

Together, Cribl LogStream and Grafana solutions give teams a way to centralize and democratize their data wherever it lives, preventing data silos and avoiding vendor lock-in.

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