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Build and grow your data applications faster with the power of Cribl.

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The Cribl for Startups program offers free Cribl.Cloud access, hands-on technical advice, access to our partner network, and opportunities for co-marketing.

Whether you’re just getting started or scaling up, the Cribl for Startups program gives you the tools and resources your company needs to be successful at every stage.

Supporting the Next Generation of Founders

Free Credits for Cribl Cloud

Get access to all Cribl.Cloud products, including Cribl Stream and Cribl Search.

One-on-One Technical Advice

Get personalized help to scale your solution and tackle technical challenges in these dedicated sessions.

Go-to-Market Opportunities

Work with Cribl’s community of startups through events & marketing initiatives to amplify your growth and brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Early-stage startups: This program is intended for startups at Series A or earlier.
  2. Product or service: Cribl products are most suitable for companies that are building a product or service. Please note that marketing, consulting, and design agencies are not eligible for admission into the Cribl for Startups program.
  3. New members only: Startups are only allowed to go through the Cribl for Startups program once.
Companies can be a member of the Cribl for Startups program for twelve calendar months. The company can apply to extend their membership for up to three years at Cribl’s discretion.

You can expect a reply within five business days. If you haven’t heard back after that time, contact us.

The best place to get support is in the Cribl Community. It is staffed by Cribl employees and a range of community members from around the world.

Contact us in #startups in the Cribl Community or via email.

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