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Matt Bauer VP of Sales

Matt is an experienced sales leader focused on driving sales productivity and helping to grow Cribl's market share, revenue, and partnerships with passion and authenticity. He was most recently at AppDynamics, which was acquired by Cisco in 2017.

Zachary Johnson VP of Finance

Zachary brings over a decade of experience in corporate finance, treasury, FP&A, acquisitions, and governance at companies such as Splunk and RingCentral. He will manage the company’s global finance function while also contributing to the overall business strategy.

Kam Amir
Data Reduction

Reduce log volume to help control costs

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Ameet Patel Apria Group Investor
Ameet Patel Director, Apria Group

Ameet is an Enterprise Angel Investor, Advisor, and Mentor. Some of his companies include: Anaplan, BigID, Cribl, Humio, Instana, LeanIX, RASA, Starburst, and Snyk.

Ed Roman Hack VC Investor
Ed Roman Managing Director, Hack VC

Ed is a professional investor focusing on enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, and software infrastructure. He manages venture capital firm Hack VC, focused on investing in early-stage startups.

Orion Hindawi Investor
Orion Hindawi CEO at Tanium

Orion Hindawi is the Co-Founder and CEO of IT security and operations firm Tanium. A technology visionary and accomplished inventor, Orion has led the development of enterprise-scale endpoint security and management platforms in the technology industry.

Pat Grady Sequoia Investor
Pat Grady Partner Sequoia Capital

Since joining Sequoia Capital in 2007, Pat has been singularly focused on supporting great technology entrepreneurs. He gravitates toward people with the courage to bulldoze incumbents (ServiceNow, Okta, Birst, Qualtrics) and the audacity to break new ground (Jive, HubSpot, Achievers, Medallia, Cribl).

Max Gazor CRV Investor
Max Gazor General Partner at CRV

Max is an early-stage venture capital investor at CRV, focused on the areas of SaaS, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Max is leading CRV's investments in Airtable, CloudGenix, Cribl, Sleuth, Arceo, Respond Software, Pilot, Diamanti, and over a dozen other companies.

Jona Molla Chief Wrangling Officer

Jona keeps all the goats in line at Cribl. With a background in people operations and hospitality, she ensures our processes can scale and people are on the same page. Her keen sense of attention and great sense of humor is what helps make Cribl, Cribl.

Farrah Bui Chief of Staff

Farrah connects all the dots, drives the operations, and manages how we measure success at Cribl. Her strategy and operations expertise spans across industries, including Google and Patagonia. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and policy degree from Princeton.

Abby Strong VP of Marketing

Abby has spent over 20 years at high velocity tech companies, connecting people, ideas, and technology together to create business-changing outcomes. Her technical background gives her a deep understanding of how to passionately market across varied audiences.

Clint Sharp CEO

Clint spent two decades leading product management and IT operations at technology and software companies, including Splunk and Cricket Communications. As a former practitioner, he has deep expertise in network issues, database administration, and security operations.

Ledion Bitincka CTO

Ledion has over a decade of engineering experience developing next generation technologies and leading the launch of enterprise products. He was the Advanced Development Architect at Splunk where he introduced Search-Time Schema and led the design of Hunk and SmartStore.

Dritan Bitincka Head of Product

Dritan has built a career of nearly 20 years as a customer-centric technical leader, having led and trained the Professional Services and BD Tech for AWS teams as a Principal Architect at Splunk. He has designed and implemented hundreds of deployments of large-scale multi-TB distributed systems.


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