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Cribl Lake

Storage that doesn’t lock data in. Get up and running fast with a managed data lake. Easily store, access, and retrieve data — without being a data expert.
Cribl Data Engine Lake


No fuss, no muss. Just a central hub for all your IT and security data.

Mo’ data, mo’ problems? Not anymore. Cribl Lake keeps you from drowning in data. Easily store, manage, enforce policy on, and access data when you need. Dive into the future with open formats and unified retention, security, and access control policies. Let Cribl handle the heavy lifting so data can be usable and valuable to the teams and tools that need it.
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3 ways to fast-track your data lake strategy without being a data expert

How Cribl Lake Works

Why Cribl Lake


Feature highlights


Keep data secure and accessible for the long haul

Take an easy path to collect and store data for long-term retention. Comply with legal and business requirements for data retention by defining specific retention periods for different types of data.

Security and Access Controls

Peace of mind storing, securing, and accessing data

Utilize a strong enterprise security posture with unified controls. Flexible role-based access controls prevent unauthorized access and track access. Data encryption at-rest and in-transit.

No pre-defined schemas required

Not all data is created equal. Simplify data onboarding by storing data as is in Cribl Lake. Transform or enrich your data when you need to.

BYO Storage

A single view for federated data

No need to store all your data in one location. Cribl Lake offers a unified approach to manage all data so you can seamlessly access and query regardless of where it resides.

Send data to the teams and tools that need it

A data lake that doesn’t lock data in. Cribl Lake offers flexibility and affordability while allowing data to be replayed for analysis across different tools.
Open Formats

Liberate your data

Cribl Lake stores data in open formats so there’s no vendor lock-in ever. No need for proprietary tools to access data — data can be replayed and sent to other tools.



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Enhance data accessibility and analysis, expedite security incident response, and simplify compliance reporting. Get started today and enjoy the easy #LakeLife with Cribl.

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