Cribl Stream Use Case:
Supercharge Security Insights

Drive better visibility across SecOps by taking control of your data

The Challenge:

Security teams are inundated with data from multiple sources and formats. Digging through a mountain of noisy, low quality data slows detecting breaches, hunting for new threats, and responding when a breach does occur. Moreover, with multiple security tools deployed, sharing information across tools is impossible.

The Solution:

Use Cribl Stream’s data filtering to boost your data’s signal, then increase the value of what you choose to keep by enriching it with context – automatically adding related data from external sources – all in real time.

Enrich your data with third party sources like GeoIP and known threats databases before it even gets into your logging and SIEM platforms. Provide greater context to your organization, and enable a deeper, more actionable response of your security and observability data.

Eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and any elements that provide little analytical value. Filter and screen events for dynamic sampling, or convert log data into metrics for access to massive volume reduction, leading to better performance and cost savings.

Solution Benefits:

Key Features of Stream

Boost the Signal and Reduce the Noise

Enrich data before it lands in your security tooling to accelerate threat intelligence and incident response efforts. Stream allows you to add context to critical security data sources, like GeoIP, indicators of compromise, and any other threat intelligence database.

Easily Get Data In

Stream acts as a universal collector and receiver of security data sources, allowing you to quickly ingest and normalize data using a best-in-class user experience. On-board new and existing data and send it to any security platforms on your terms.

Threat Hunting

Improve Threat Hunting

On-demand routing of data to the threat hunting tools of your choice to find new threats and feed detection pipeline with new content. Uncover unknown unknowns faster with better observability over all your data.

Accelerate Incident Response

Store data in low cost object storage and replay it to any destination, in any format, to power incident response activities across the enterprise. Recover faster with more control over your data.

Cribl and Concanon: Building Trust into the Relationship Companies Have with Their Data

Concanon helps customers understand and leverage their data to address Cybersecurity, IT Operations, DevOps, and Business Analytics challenges.