Extract Wealth From Data

Financial institutions are transforming and digitizing operations. Cribl works with existing tooling, provides valuable insights, and keeps sensitive consumer data safe and secure.

Financial Services Use Cases

Protect Sensitive Financial Information

Protect consumers’ personal information from breaches and unauthorized access. Retain trust, and stay compliant.

Streamline Digital Banking Services

Elevate banking experiences by ensuring apps and services run efficiently with minimal downtime or delays.

Route Data to the Right Destinations

Quickly gain valuable insights that help you confidently make the best decisions for your financial institution.

Splunk Cribl Lawsuit

Cribl gets financial data where it needs to be in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way

Cribl’s suite of products can help solve financial service’s toughest data challenges with routing, shaping, enriching, and search functionalities that make data more manageable. Easily clean up data, get it where it needs to be, and ultimately gain the control and confidence needed to set financial institutions up for success.

Financial Services Customers


Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.