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Financial Services

Expand your observable dataverse.
Extract a wealth of insights.

Transform your data management strategy to keep data safe and ensure tools run efficiently, all while meeting regulatory requirements.


Time is money. Financial data, too. Route it quickly, securely, and wisely.

Cribl’s suite of products can help you solve financial service’s toughest data challenges with routing, shaping, enriching, and search functionalities that make your data more manageable.
Financial Services

The world’s leading financial institutions and insurers trust Cribl.


Financial Services

Plot twist: Collect data from different environments, easily

Centralize data collection from tools no matter where the data resides. Whether on-prem or in the cloud, eliminate disparity to increase efficiency. See how you can pull your data together.

From zero to Aha! Gain insights from data faster than ever

Extract valuable insights faster by routing data to the right destinations for data-driven decisions that are best for your financial institution.

Protect sensitive financial information. And it’s all sensitive.

Protect consumers’ personal information from breaches and unauthorized access, taking your security game up a notch by using streamlined and relevant data so you can respond quickly to threats, minimizing downtime and impact.

Retain data, not lawyers

Use low-cost object storage to retain your data and hit your compliance requirements and goals. But keep your flexibility and versatility. Are you staying up to date on DORA? Learn how Cribl continues to merge as a crucial tool in helping financial and insurance institutions align with DORA regulations.


Reshaping our customer’s data management strategy

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Aflac optimizes for better, faster, smarter data

Hear how Aflac improved their data before sending it. Context is king. If you can optimize your data, see it, and tweak it before it goes to analytics or storage, you can ascend to the throne.
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Take control of your data for efficiency and ease

With Cribl, you can take dissimilar data and make it similar so that it is that much easier to search. Hear how this global financial services company made it so they could look at data as a whole and broke down barriers to increase efficiency and save time.

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Finding the missing piece to this financial institution’s data

Hear how this financial institution uses Cribl to evolve their data architecture and strategy. What started as a Splunk Cloud migration has quickly evolved into more new and innovative use cases.



Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.


Cribl paves the way as MIAX expands state-of-the-art exchange offerings

The MIAX Exchange Group is the newest multi-exchange operator in the US, currently running three Options Exchanges trading OCC-issued standardized options on equities & ETFs, and a cash equity exchange. It deployed Stream to stay ahead of the curve when bringing on new exchanges.
Customer Success Story


One of the primary things was how easy it was to set up, install, deploy, to just do the basics right. We didn’t expect it to be this straightforward!

reduction in daily 
EDR data
(from 9.25TB to 5TB)
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What’s the first step in pulling your data together? An Observability Pipeline.

Pull your data together with the Data Engine for IT and Security. Route to multiple destinations, reduce and control costs, and retain more for longer. Get your copy of Cribl’s Observability Pipeline for Dummies and discover how you can properly observe, monitor, and secure financial data.

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