Observability Means Instrumenting EVERYTHING.

Don't let Applications be the hole in your Observability. Start Seeing it ALL with AppScope.

Cribl AppScope

AppScope is a new approach to black-box instrumentation delivering ubiquitous, unified telemetry from any Linux executable by simply prepending scope to the command.

No language-specific agents or bindings required.


AppScope gets embedded in the process, sees all application activity, and emits consumable metrics and events to EXISTING log analytics tools.

It’s like ‘strace’ meets ‘tcpdump’ no matter which runtime is in use, and delivers universal application observability.

Isn’t this just another APM tool?

Talk to any customer using Application Performance Management, and they’ll tell you how much they love their solution, but they wish they could extend it to more of their applications. Most have 10% or fewer of their apps instrumented for APM, and are supplementing what they can with basic metrics. Where does this leave the other 80%? Enter AppScope. No language-specific instrumentation. No application developers required.

Application Observability for Everyone

AppScope allows SREs and Ops teams to interrogate running applications to discover how they work and their behavior in any deployment context, from on-prem to cloud to containers.

Why AppScope?


AppScope is language agnostic and completely userland; works with any application; scales from the CLI to production

No New Tools

Send AppScope data to any existing monitoring tool, time series database, or log tool

Less Expensive

Extends APM reach into every application, affordably

We’ve made AppScope available as Open Source

Building the best instrumentation takes a community. Join ours today.

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AppScope Sandbox

Learn about the features of AppScope in our interactive sandboxes!