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Pay less for infrastructure

Send your data to and from the most cost-effective destinations, optimize costs on licensing and infrastructure.

The Challenge

Navigate the data deluge

Data continues to grow at 28% a year and logging systems are at capacity. In turn, organizations’ infrastructure costs are pushing against their daily licensing limits creating a daily exercise of data gymnastics to make it all fit. Plus, accounting for long-term retention of data in analytics tools can be expensive and can slow the performance of queries and correlations.

The Solution

Gain total telemetry control with Cribl

Cribl’s suite of products help tackle the cost of retaining data in the system that grows linearly with retention time. For a deeper dive into the astounding cost ramp-up of indexing and storing data in your logging tool, review Why Log Systems Require So Much Infrastructure.

Boost your data management game

Curb the exponential cost curve of data retention by optimizing storage and indexing strategies for maximum efficiency.

Enhance precision in data processing

Unlock nuanced control, enriching data value through strategic decisions.

Tailor source-specific optimization

Enable bespoke management for each data source, driving efficiency while cutting costs.

Get choosy with data prioritization

Categorize data for optimized storage or elimination, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Customer Success Story

Autodesk simplifies their enterprise-tier
data pipeline with Cribl

See how this industry titan broke free from a complex legacy data pipeline infrastructure with Stream – reducing duplicate data by 15%!

Key features


Cribl works with any vendor,
so you can too.

Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.