Google Cloud Platform + Cribl: Better Together

Onboard data into Google Cloud with Cribl to make the most out of your tech stack.

Unleash the Full Power of the Cloud

Many enterprises are turning to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for a better way to build, deploy, manage and scale multi-petabyte data systems in the cloud, and need an observability tool that’s flexible, cost-effective, and reliable to match.

Cribl’s vendor-agnostic observability pipeline enables customers to get data into GCP tooling and route, parse, and restructure it in flight, without needing to add new infrastructure and agents. Armed with the ability to support massive amounts of data, teams get better quality data and can streamline threat detection and response, regardless of retention level.

Together, Cribl and GCP provide a way for teams to extract value from their observability, security, and telemetry data and leverage the power of the cloud to build more resilient, scalable, and performant systems and applications.

Optimize your security data and get it into the right tools

Whether you’re looking to ingest data from any source into Google Chronicle, Cloud Storage, Cloud Logging, PubSub, and more, Cribl’s suite of products provide organizations with the flexibility and control to work with any tooling, take advantage of long-term storage, and handle even the largest amounts of data — making it the perfect solution to accelerate GCP adoption.

Cribl on GCP Use Cases

Simplify Data Onboarding

Route data from any tool and send it to Google Chronicle, Google Cloud Logging, or any other destination in any format, so you can focus less on data plumbing and more on data analysis.

Relieve Pressure With SIEM Augmentation

Reduce high-volume data sources on the way to existing SIEM or logging platforms without changing your current licensing.

Accelerate Migration to the Cloud

Move to the cloud faster with increased flexibility and access to new data sources so you can hit timelines.

Optimize Long-Term Storage

Park a full-fidelity copy of data in Google Cloud Storage, or any other object store to save on retention costs and create a safety net for future use. Then replay it as needed to any destination.

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