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Stretch your data strategy: Future-proof it with Cribl and Elastic

Adapt seamlessly to industry shifts for agility, operations, and insights that last.


Where flexibility meets operational efficiency

In today’s dynamic tech environment, organizations must keep data agile amidst shifting standards. Modernizing SIEM, optimizing Elastic operations for performance and cost, and building compliant infrastructures are crucial. The goal is to fully leverage Elastic’s potential by flexibly routing data to various destinations as industry standards evolve. This approach is key to maintaining a competitive edge in data management and analysis.

Data is growing at

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Yet, budgets are tight. How do enterprises retain the years of data they need for compliance and investigations without breaking the bank?
Cribl and Elastic

Drive your data ops forward even as your roadmap changes

The Cribl suite of products powers key use cases for IT and Security teams in data collection, processing, and querying telemetry data. Together, Cribl and Elastic streamline IT and Security workflows, enhancing data collection, analysis, and insights while flexing with industry standards.


Unleashing Data Potential with Cribl and Elastic

Optimize data flow for Elastic

Boost ElasticSearch performance when you optimize data flow with Cribl. Streamline data management for enhanced efficiency and strategic alignment.

Modernize your

Transform your Elastic SIEM experience with Cribl. Leverage scalable, modern solutions for strategic, future-ready cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cost-effective Elastic deployments

Achieve cost-effective deployments with Cribl's optimization of Elastic Cloud operations. Balance spending with operational efficiency for impactful results.

Enhance Elastic with Cribl

Maximize the Elastic Stack's capabilities with Cribl enhancements. Gain superior security, deeper insights, and enhanced value for an advanced Elastic experience.

Streamline data integration

Seamlessly integrate data into Elastic Observability with Cribl. Enhance business intelligence with robust data synthesis.

Agile data handling with Elastic

Handle diverse data sets with Cribl for Elastic's responsive analytics. Enhance Elastic's agility for dynamic, adaptable business insights.

Customer Success Story

Sally Beauty security architects reclaim their time

We don’t want our security engineers spending hours becoming wizards in Elastic, Logstash, and syslog-ng. With Cribl, they don’t have to, which frees up more time for our real jobs — security.

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time savings for security architects

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